AMD Radeon PRO W7600: Screen blackouts blamed on thermal solution.

August 18, 2023 by our News Team

and Igor Wallossek's investigation into the black screen issue with AMD's Radeon PRO W7600 GPU, which revealed an overheating problem caused by suboptimal thermal pads and presented a solution to address it.


  • Simple modifications can resolve the overheating issue.
  • Users are advised to seek professional assistance through the RMA process.
  • AMD should address this problem in their manufacturing process.

In recent testing of the latest workstation GPUs, tech journalist Igor Wallossek encountered a perplexing problem with AMD’s Radeon PRO W7600. The GPU exhibited random black screens under load, which initially seemed to be caused by a faulty DisplayPort cable. However, further investigation revealed that the issue was related to overheating due to suboptimal thermal pads. This article explores the problem and presents a solution to address it.

The Overheating Issue:

Upon connecting the monitor to the integrated GPU (iGPU), it became evident that the system remained stable, indicating that the dedicated GPU was responsible for the black screen problem. Through comprehensive testing, it was determined that the discrete GPU was overheating due to bulky thermal pads with poor thermal conductivity. These pads also had a tendency to warp and misalign the vapor chamber, leading to operational issues.

The Solution:

To rectify this problem, Igor initiated a series of modifications that successfully resolved the black screen issue. The solution involved replacing the thermal paste, swapping out the thick thermal pads for thinner ones (specifically for memory components), and applying additional thermal paste between the vapor chamber and the frame beneath the cooler. These adjustments improved thermal conductivity and ensured proper alignment, effectively resolving the overheating problem.

Implications and Recommendations:

While it is unclear if this issue is widespread or limited to a few units, it is essential to address such problems in expensive workstation GPUs. The fact that these modifications were necessary highlights a potential oversight in the quality validation process undertaken by the manufacturing company.

However, it is important to note that performing these modifications voids the warranty. Therefore, users are advised against attempting them on their own. Instead, it is recommended to contact AMD for a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) to have the card repaired or replaced. This ensures that important equipment remains available and prevents any potential damage caused by unauthorized modifications.


The black screen issue in Radeon PRO W7600 GPUs has been identified as an overheating problem caused by suboptimal thermal pads. Through simple modifications involving repasting and the use of thinner thermal pads, tech journalist Igor Wallossek successfully resolved the issue. However, it is crucial for AMD to address this problem in their manufacturing process to prevent such issues in the future. Users are advised to seek professional assistance through the RMA process rather than attempting unauthorized modifications that may void the warranty.

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