Kioxia’s RM7 Series Value SAS SSDs Make Grand Entrance on HPE Servers

December 7, 2023

Summary: Kioxia Corporation partners with HPE to offer high-performance and reliable KIOXIA RM7 Series Value SAS SSDs in ProLiant Gen11 servers, showcasing their success in various sectors and even in the Spaceborne Computer-2 program.

  • Enhanced performance, reliability, and lower latency


BIOSTAR introduces H510MHP-E 3.0 Motherboard: A Game-Changer in PC Tech

December 7, 2023

Summary: The H510MHP-E 3.0 motherboard from BIOSTAR is a versatile and high-performance option for users looking to upgrade or build a new system, with impressive specifications, connectivity options, and support for both 10th and 11th Generation Intel Core Processors.

  • Supports


V-COLOR Achieves DDR5-8000 Overclocking Milestone on AMD TRX50 Platform

December 7, 2023

Summary: V-COLOR Technology Inc. achieves impressive DDR5-8000 overclocking milestone with their DDR5 R-DIMM 96 GB (4x 24 GB) on AMD 7000 series processors and ASUS PRO WS TRX50-SAGE WIFI motherboard, showcasing their commitment to delivering top-notch memory products and pushing


GIGABYTE reveals HPC & AI servers featuring AMD Instinct MI300 Series.

December 7, 2023

Summary: GIGABYTE Technology's subsidiary, Giga Computing, has launched its latest high-performance servers and IT infrastructure, including the GIGABYTE G383-R80 server with AMD Instinct MI300A APU and two GIGABYTE G593 series servers with AMD Instinct MI300X GPU and AMD EPYC 9004


AMD’s AI Solutions Gain Momentum, Spanning Data Centers to PCs

December 6, 2023

Summary: AMD announced major collaborations and product launches at the "Advancing AI" event, including the launch of the AMD Instinct MI300 Series data center AI accelerators and partnerships with industry leaders like Microsoft, Meta, Oracle, Dell, HPE, Lenovo, Supermicro, and


Acer’s Vero Laptop Line Takes a Green Leap Towards Carbon Neutrality

December 6, 2023

Summary: Acer announces commitment to carbon neutrality with new Aspire Vero 16 laptop, featuring eco-friendly design and energy-efficient features, in line with global standards and initiatives.

  • Acer's commitment to carbon neutrality for its Aspire Vero laptop line showcases the company's


Foundries’ 3Q23 Sees 7.9% Growth, Q4 Outlook Remains Upbeat

December 6, 2023

Summary: TrendForce's research shows that the global foundry industry experienced a dynamic third quarter, with a surge in urgent orders for smartphone and notebook components driven by healthy inventory levels and the release of new iPhone and Android devices, leading


GAMDIAS introduces Kratos P2 ARGB ATX 3.0 Power Supplies with Features

December 6, 2023

Summary: GAMDIAS Technology introduces the KRATOS P2 Series power supply units, featuring 80 Plus Gold certification, 30 ARGB lighting effects, and compatibility with next-generation graphics cards, providing both high performance and visual appeal for gaming setups.

  • 80 Plus Gold certification


EK-Pro Line: A Comprehensive Product Portfolio Launched by EK

December 6, 2023

Summary: EK introduces the EK-Pro Line, a comprehensive portfolio of components designed for enterprise-grade custom liquid-cooling loops, catering to the needs of System Integrators, Data Centers, AI/ML-focused companies, and workstations.

  • One-stop shop experience for enterprise-grade custom liquid-cooling loops
  • Specifically tailored


EK introduces Full Product Range for EK-Pro Line, A Game-Changer in Tech

December 6, 2023

Summary: EK's new EK-Pro Line offers a comprehensive range of liquid cooling solutions for HPC systems, including a versatile pump reservoir manifold, reinforced tubing, and high-performance radiators, providing improved performance, lower temperatures, and customizable design options for data centers and


GIGABYTE introduces WATERFORCE X II and WATERFORCE II liquid coolers.

December 5, 2023

Summary: GIGABYTE's AORUS WATERFORCE X II and AORUS WATERFORCE II Series offer liquid cooling solutions with revamped designs and expanded color options, making them user-friendly and accessible to all PC builders.

  • Newly designed upgraded pump with excellent performance.
  • User-friendly designs


DeepCool’s MORPHEUS ATX+ Case Launched: A Sleek Blend of Style and Function

December 5, 2023

Summary: DeepCool's MORPHEUS Modular ATX+ case offers unparalleled modularity, exceptional airflow, extensive cooling capabilities, and maximum compatibility, making it a must-have for any PC enthusiast looking to elevate their build.

  • modularity allows for seamless switching between single and dual chamber


Genesis introduces Radium 600 G2 Mic: A Game-Changer in Audio Recording

December 5, 2023

Summary: The Radium 600 G2 microphone offers unparalleled recording quality and user comfort with its sturdy frame, cardioid condenser microphone, and advanced features such as regulation knobs and instant muting function, making it a must-have for recording and streaming enthusiasts.


Unveiling HYTE’s Exclusive VTuber and Persona 3 Reload Collaboration

December 5, 2023

Summary: HYTE launches two exciting collaborations. One with VTuber Watson Amelia, featuring a custom Y40 PC Case and a range of exclusive accessories, celebrating her charm. The other collaboration ties in with Persona 3 Reload, presenting the Persona-themed Y60 PC


AMD Ryzen CPU Market Share Surges 32% Among Steam Gamers in November

December 5, 2023

Summary: AMD Ryzen CPUs see significant surge in market share among Steam gamers, reaching record high of 33.88%, while NVIDIA maintains dominance in GPU market and AMD dominates in open-source market.

  • AMD Ryzen CPUs experienced a significant surge in market


Lenovo introduces Chromebox Micro for Immersive Digital Displays

December 5, 2023

Summary: Lenovo introduces the compact and affordable Lenovo Chromebox Micro, a powerful media player with remote management capabilities, designed to meet the evolving needs of the digital signage industry.

  • Small form factor and lightweight design make it easy to integrate


Siemens and Intel join forces for semiconductor manufacturing collaboration.

December 4, 2023

Summary: Siemens AG and Intel Corporation have announced a partnership to advance digitalization and sustainability in microelectronics manufacturing, focusing on future manufacturing efforts, factory operations, cybersecurity, and supporting a resilient global industry ecosystem.

  • The partnership will focus on various areas,


GameSir introduces the G8 Galileo: A revolutionary mobile gaming controller.

December 4, 2023

Summary: GameSir's G8 Galileo Mobile Gaming Controller revolutionizes the mobile gaming experience with its console-controller design, movable Type-C port, and pass-through charging, providing gamers with unparalleled control and performance.

  • Console-sized sticks and buttons for exceptional comfort
  • Movable Type-C port for