MSI introduces new lineup of Rapid VA Gaming Monitors

October 17, 2023

Summary: MSI is pushing the boundaries of gaming hardware with its latest line-up of monitors, featuring Rapid VA technology, WQHD 1000R panels, night vision, Smart Crosshair, Quantum Dot, and more for an immersive and competitive gaming experience.

  • Rapid VA technology


Logitech Introduces Zone Wireless 2: The AI-Powered Headset for Hybrid Work

October 16, 2023

Summary: Logitech's Zone Wireless 2 headset is a top-of-the-line device equipped with advanced AI technology, noise-canceling microphones, hybrid ANC, and personalized stereo sound, designed to deliver crystal-clear communication and prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility.

  • Advanced AI technology for seamless and


P-Cores vs E-Cores: A Deep Dive

September 21, 2023

Summary: Hybrid CPUs can dynamically switch between the P-cores and E-cores depending on the workload, allowing you to get the best performance for your tasks and improved battery life while reducing heat generation.

  • Better performance for tasks that can be