JMicron and Vinpower Unveil 10Gbps Portable SSD for Apple iOS at Computex

May 25, 2024 by our News Team

Computex Taipei

JMicron and Vinpower have collaborated to create the Enhanced 10Gbps Portable SSD, the first of its kind to be compatible with Apple iOS devices and offering lightning-fast data transfer speeds, setting a new standard for secure, high-powered backup and storage across multiple platforms.

  • product that sets a new standard for secure, high-powered, and high-speed backup and storage
  • Compatible with multiple platforms, including Apple iOS, Android, PC, MacBook, Chromebook, and more
  • Offers lightning-fast Read/Write data transfer speeds of over 800 MB/sec, significantly faster than most USB flash storage devices for smartphones and tablets

JMicron Technology Corporation and Vinpower, Inc. have joined forces to create a product: the Enhanced 10Gbps Portable SSD (PSSD). This innovative device, powered by the iVP817 IC Chip, is the first of its kind to be compatible with Apple iOS devices supporting the iPhone iAP2. The PSSD offers lightning-fast Read/Write (R/W) data transfer speeds and sets a new standard for secure, high-powered, high-speed backup and storage across multiple platforms, including Apple iOS, Android, PC, MacBook, Chromebook, and more.

While most USB flash storage devices for smartphones and Tablets have R/W transfer speeds ranging from 20 MB/sec to 80 MB/sec, the enhanced PSSD achieves verifiable R/W transfer speeds of over 800 MB/sec when used with an iPhone 15Pro or 15Pro Max. This means that with Vinpower’s iAP2-based App, users can back up a 10 GB video from their iPhone 15Pro or 15Pro Max in just around 12 seconds. Additionally, the PSSD supports a range of NVMe SSDs with various form factors and capacities up to and exceeding 8 TB of secure storage.

JMicron is a leading IC design company specializing in high-speed data and signal interfaces bridge controllers, including NVMe to USB bridges. Vinpower, on the other hand, is a expert in designing IC chip firmware, circuit design, and manufacturing Apple iOS backup and storage devices and related Apps. Recognizing the untapped potential in the market for a solution that offers smooth, fast, and secure data transfer and backup for portable mobile devices, especially on the Apple iOS platform, the two companies joined forces to create the PSSD.

“The PSSD with the integrated iVP817 will enhance the user experience and provide a necessary expedited backup solution for millions of iPhone and iPad users around the world,” says Tim Liu, CEO & General President of JMicron Technology Corporation. The collaboration between JMicron and Vinpower was a natural fit, given JMicron’s expertise in storage market technologies and Vinpower’s focus on Apple iOS platforms.

Although the current iPhone 15Pro and 15Pro Max series offer a USB Type C connection that allows access to the Files App and real-time transfer of Apple Pro Res video content, there are limitations in terms of security for standard USB-connected storage devices. These devices use the MSC protocol, while Apple iOS devices require the proprietary iAP2 protocol, available only for MFi certified devices. This creates a barrier for traditional USB-C connected storage devices to access critical content stored on an iPhone or iPad. Vinpower’s experience in MFi certified storage products and Apps allows the PSSD to use the iAP2 protocol through an expanded range of connections and storage devices, providing a wider array of access to critical content such as photos, videos, contacts, and more.

Research indicates that there are approximately 146 billion iPhone users and 850 million iCloud users worldwide. Out of those 850 million iCloud users, around 70% pay for higher capacity storage, which translates to approximately 585 million iPhone/iPad users who pay for access to higher capacity cloud storage. This means that about 40% of iPhone users may not have a true full backup solution. In other words, more than 800 million global iPhone users could benefit from a secure, high-capacity, fast, and easy method to backup, share, and transfer their critical content to or from an iPhone or iPad.

Calvin Chang, CEO of Vinpower, Inc., emphasizes the need for speed and convenience in today’s fast-paced world: “We live in a fast-paced world and have become a culture obsessed with instantaneous gratification. If it takes more than a few seconds to access content, we become impatient and frustrated. That’s why Vinpower collaborated with JMicron in developing the PSSD with the iVP817, to address a growing need in the market for a backup and storage solution, especially for Apple iOS users, that can provide incredibly fast data transfer speeds with high-capacity storage, beyond anything on the market today.”

The PSSD will be showcased at the upcoming 2024 Computex event, held from June 4th to 7th. Visitors can see the PSSD at two locations: JMicron’s Courtyard by Marriott Taipei suite (by invitation) or Vinpower’s booth at TWTC Nangang, J0310 inside the Computex tradeshow.

JMicron and Vinpower Unveil  10Gbps Portable SSD for Apple iOS at Computex

JMicron and Vinpower Unveil  10Gbps Portable SSD for Apple iOS at Computex

JMicron and Vinpower Unveil  10Gbps Portable SSD for Apple iOS at Computex

JMicron and Vinpower Unveil  10Gbps Portable SSD for Apple iOS at Computex

JMicron and Vinpower Unveil  10Gbps Portable SSD for Apple iOS at Computex

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