SK hynix bolsters AI memory dominance and collaboration at TSMC’s 2024 Tech Symposium.

April 26, 2024 by our News Team

SK hynix impresses at TSMC 2024 Technology Symposium with industry-leading HBM AI memory solutions and emphasis on collaboration with TSMC for advanced packaging technology.

  • Industry-leading HBM3E memory solution with impressive performance
  • Collaboration with TSMC in CoWoS advanced packaging technology
  • Diverse lineup of high-performance products for the AI industry

SK hynix, a leading memory chip manufacturer, made waves at the recent TSMC 2024 Technology Symposium held in Santa Clara, California. The event, organized by TSMC, a global semiconductor Foundry, serves as a platform for major partners to showcase their latest products and technologies. Under the theme “Memory, the Power of AI,” SK hynix garnered attention for its impressive HBM AI memory solutions.

One of the highlights of SK hynix’s presentation was its industry-leading HBM3E memory solution. This product has demonstrated remarkable performance, achieving an input/output transfer speed of up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbps) in an AI system during performance validation evaluations. This showcases SK hynix’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of memory technology.

Moreover, SK hynix emphasized its collaboration with TSMC in the area of CoWoS advanced packaging technology. The company operated a collaboration zone with TSMC to showcase the significance of this partnership and solidify its position as a leader in HBM memory. This move comes after the announcement of a closer and more innovative partnership between SK hynix and TSMC, aimed at developing next-generation HBM products.

In addition to HBM solutions, SK hynix also displayed a range of high-performance products designed to complement the AI industry. These included CXL memory with an integrated interface, MCR DIMM and 3DS RDIMM memory modules for servers, LPCAMM2 and LPDDR5T optimized for on-device AI, and the next-generation graphic DRAM GDDR7. This diverse lineup demonstrates SK hynix’s commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for the evolving needs of the AI industry.

Prior to the symposium, SK hynix held a workshop where their experts delivered a talk on “HBM and Heterogeneous Integrated Technology.” This further highlights SK hynix’s active involvement in advancing memory technology and its dedication to strengthening partnerships in various areas, including technology, business, and industry trends.

SK hynix’s presence at the TSMC 2024 Technology Symposium showcases their commitment to innovation and collaboration in the AI memory space. With their industry-leading products and strategic partnerships, SK hynix is poised to play a significant role in shaping the future of AI technology.

SK hynix bolsters AI memory dominance and collaboration at TSMC’s 2024 Tech Symposium.

SK hynix bolsters AI memory dominance and collaboration at TSMC’s 2024 Tech Symposium.

SK hynix bolsters AI memory dominance and collaboration at TSMC’s 2024 Tech Symposium.

SK hynix bolsters AI memory dominance and collaboration at TSMC’s 2024 Tech Symposium.

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Background Information

About SK hynix: SK Hynix is a important South Korean semiconductor company known for its innovative contributions to the global technology landscape. Specializing in the production of memory solutions, SK Hynix has played a vital role in shaping the semiconductor industry. With a commitment to research and development, they have continuously pushed the boundaries of memory technology, resulting in products that power various devices and applications.

SK hynix website  SK hynix LinkedIn

About TSMC: TSMC, or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, is a semiconductor foundry based in Taiwan. Established in 1987, TSMC is a important player in the global semiconductor industry, specializing in the manufacturing of semiconductor wafers for a wide range of clients, including technology companies and chip designers. The company is known for its semiconductor fabrication processes and plays a critical role in advancing semiconductor technology worldwide.

TSMC website  TSMC LinkedIn

Technology Explained

CoWoS: CoWoS, or Chip-on-Wafer-on-Substrate, is a recent advancement in chip packaging that allows for more powerful processors in a compact size. This technology stacks multiple chips on a silicon interposer, enabling denser connections and improved performance. Developed for high-performance computing, CoWoS promises faster processing, lower power consumption, and the ability to pack more processing power into smaller devices.

Foundry: A foundry is a dedicated manufacturing facility focused on producing semiconductor components like integrated circuits (ICs) for external clients. These foundries are pivotal in the semiconductor industry, providing diverse manufacturing processes and technologies to create chips based on designs from fabless semiconductor firms or other customers. This setup empowers companies to concentrate on innovative design without needing substantial investments in manufacturing infrastructure. Some well-known foundries include TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company), Samsung Foundry, GlobalFoundries, and UMC (United Microelectronics Corporation).

GDDR7: GDDR7 (Graphics Double Data Rate 7) is the seventh generation of graphics double data rate (GDDR) memory. It is a type of dynamic random-access memory (DRAM) that is specifically designed for use in graphics cards. GDDR7 memory offers a number of advantages over previous generations of GDDR memory. GDDR7 is a significant improvement over previous generations of GDDR memory. It offers faster speeds up to 32 gigabits per second (Gbps) per pin, lower power consumption, and improved error correction. This makes it ideal for use in high-performance graphics cards and other applications that require high bandwidth and low latency.

HBM3E: HBM3E is the latest generation of high-bandwidth memory (HBM), a type of DRAM that is designed for artificial intelligence (AI) applications. HBM3E offers faster data transfer rates, higher density, and lower power consumption than previous HBM versions. HBM3E is developed by SK Hynix, a South Korean chipmaker, and is expected to enter mass production in 2024. HBM3E can achieve a speed of 1.15 TB/s and a capacity of 64 GB per stack. HBM3E is suitable for AI systems that require large amounts of data processing, such as deep learning, machine learning, and computer vision.

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