NVIDIA GeForce NOW Adds StarCraft, Diablo Series, and 14 Other Games to Library

April 26, 2024 by our News Team

GeForce NOW expands Battle.net support with iconic games like StarCraft Remastered, Diablo II: Resurrected, and Diablo III, bringing the total number of games on the platform to over 1,900, while also introducing new features like AV1 streaming and adding exciting new titles like Remnant II's "The Forgotten Kingdom" DLC and Manor Lords.

  • Expansion of Battle.net support brings beloved and iconic games to the platform
  • Over 1,900 games now available for members to enjoy
  • AV1 streaming support enhances game-streaming quality for Mac M3 devices

Geforce NOW, the cloud gaming platform, has announced an expansion of its Battle.net support, bringing a host of iconic games to its library. This GFN Thursday update includes titles from the beloved StarCraft and Diablo series, such as StarCraft Remastered, StarCraft II, Diablo II: Resurrected, and Diablo III. With these additions, GeForce NOW now offers over 1,900 games for its members to enjoy.

StarCraft Remastered takes players back to the roots of real-time strategy games, allowing them to command one of three races – Terran, Zerg, or Protoss – in a desperate struggle for survival. The game features intense battles, resource gathering, and unique strategies. Meanwhile, StarCraft II offers enhanced graphics and extended storytelling, giving players the chance to save the galaxy in full-length campaigns or engage in multiplayer battles.

For fans of action role-playing games, Diablo II: Resurrected and Diablo III bring dark and immersive adventures to the cloud. In Diablo III, players become heroes battling the forces of darkness in Sanctuary, while Diablo II: Resurrected offers a remastered version of the classic game with stunning 3D visuals.

GeForce NOW members can enjoy these games at up to 4K resolution and 240 frames per second with an Ultimate membership. These new additions join other popular Battle.net games already available on the platform, including Diablo IV, Overwatch 2, Call of Duty HQ, and Hearthstone.

In addition to the Battle.net support expansion, GeForce NOW is rolling out a new update this week that brings AV1 streaming to Mac M3 computers. This feature will enhance game-streaming quality for members using M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max devices.

But that’s not all! Ark Games’ Remnant II has released its second downloadable content (DLC), titled “The Forgotten Kingdom,” which is now available for streaming on GeForce NOW. This DLC offers a brand-new storyline, area, weapons, bosses, and more for players to explore.

The Forgotten Kingdom centers around the lost tribe of Yaesha and their vengeful stone spirit, Lydusa. Players must uncover the tribe’s forgotten history, navigate haunted ziggurats, and face new threats in order to restore peace to the kingdom. With GeForce NOW, members can stream the DLC without waiting for downloads, making it even easier to dive into this exciting expansion.

For fans of city-building games, Manor Lords is another exciting addition to GeForce NOW this week. In this historically accurate city builder, players must guide a medieval village as it grows into a bustling city. Manage resources, production chains, and engage in large-scale tactical battles to expand your land.

These new games join a diverse lineup of other releases this week, including Dead Island 2, Bellwright, Phantom Fury, Oddsparks: An Automation Adventure, Age of Water, 9-Bit Armies: A Bit Too Far, Dragon’s Dogma 2 Character Creator & Storage, Islands of Insight, Metaball, Stargate: Timekeepers, and Tortuga – A Pirate’s Tale.

With its ever-expanding library and new features like AV1 streaming support, GeForce NOW continues to provide an immersive and convenient gaming experience for its members. Whether you’re a fan of classic Blizzard games or looking for new adventures to embark on, there’s something for everyone on GeForce NOW.

NVIDIA GeForce NOW Adds StarCraft, Diablo Series, and 14 Other Games to Library

NVIDIA GeForce NOW Adds StarCraft, Diablo Series, and 14 Other Games to Library

NVIDIA GeForce NOW Adds StarCraft, Diablo Series, and 14 Other Games to Library

NVIDIA GeForce NOW Adds StarCraft, Diablo Series, and 14 Other Games to Library

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