Enermax Introduces the Compact REVOLUTION D.F. 12, a Game-Changing ATX 3.1 Power Supply

March 14, 2024 by our News Team

ENERMAX's REVOLUTION D.F. 12 is the world's smallest ATX 3.1 power supply, offering a compact size, high performance, and sustainability for PC enthusiasts.

  • Compact size, making it the world's smallest ATX 3.1 power supply
  • Highly technical power solution for enhanced efficiency and reduced carbon emissions
  • Innovative 115 mm dual-ball bearing fan with Dust-free Rotation technology for self-cleaning and silent operation

Enermax, a brand in the world of high-performance computer hardware and cooling solutions, has just launched its latest power supply series, the REVOLUTION D.F. 12. What makes this power supply stand out is its compact size, measuring only 122 mm in-depth, making it the world’s smallest ATX 3.1 power supply. This design not only maximizes airflow within PC cases but also delivers robust power in accordance with the ATX 3.1 specifications, including an impressive 235% power excursion.

The REVOLUTION D.F. 12 is equipped with a 600 W 12V-2×6 cable, ensuring uncompromised performance for high-end Graphics Cards and AI computing. What’s more, this power supply seamlessly fits into micro ATX cases, providing ample room for efficient cable management.

But it’s not just about performance; ENERMAX is committed to sustainable computing. The REVOLUTION D.F. 12 offers a highly technical power solution that aims to enhance power conversion efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. This commitment to sustainability is further demonstrated in the product’s shipping and packaging innovations.

One of the standout features of the REVOLUTION D.F. 12 is its innovative 115 mm dual-ball bearing fan with ENERMAX’s patented Dust-free Rotation (D.F.R.) technology. This technology not only provides a self-cleaning function but also includes an activated switch button to minimize dust accumulation inside the power supply, thereby enhancing system longevity.

Another impressive feature is that the power supply operates in fanless mode when under 50% load, ensuring complete silence during low and medium workloads. And for those who prefer more control, users can manually activate the D.F.R. function using the D.F.R. switch button, which conveniently doubles as a power-on indicator.

In terms of aesthetics, the REVOLUTION D.F. 12 series is available in both black and white versions, providing PC enthusiasts with options to match their system’s look and feel. It includes premium mesh-sleeved cables that are flexible for effortless routing and even comes with a cable comb kit to maintain a tidy build. The white version stands out with its sleek, all-white design from the chassis and fan to the cable connectors and cable combs.

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the REVOLUTION D.F. 12 series, you’ll be pleased to know that it is now available at the ENERMAX USA online store, Amazon USA, as well as authorized retailers and distributors. As for warranty coverage, ENERMAX offers peace of mind with their standard warranty terms.

Overall, the REVOLUTION D.F. 12 series from ENERMAX is an impressive addition to their lineup, offering PC enthusiasts a power supply solution that combines compact size, high performance, sustainability, and sleek aesthetics. With its innovative features and attention to detail, it’s clear that ENERMAX is dedicated to providing top-notch products for the tech-savvy consumer.

Enermax Introduces the Compact REVOLUTION D.F. 12, a Game-Changing ATX 3.1 Power Supply

Enermax Introduces the Compact REVOLUTION D.F. 12, a Game-Changing ATX 3.1 Power Supply

Enermax Introduces the Compact REVOLUTION D.F. 12, a Game-Changing ATX 3.1 Power Supply

Enermax Introduces the Compact REVOLUTION D.F. 12, a Game-Changing ATX 3.1 Power Supply

Enermax Introduces the Compact REVOLUTION D.F. 12, a Game-Changing ATX 3.1 Power Supply

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Background Information

About Enermax: Established in 1990, Enermax, headquartered in Taiwan, has carved its niche in the PC hardware market as a leading designer and manufacturer. Initially focusing on high-performance cooling solutions for enthusiasts, their product line has expanded to encompass power supplies, cases, fans, and more. for innovation and quality, Enermax caters to a diverse audience, from casual PC users to hardcore gamers and tech enthusiasts. Their commitment to efficient cooling, silent operation, and premium materials has solidified their position as a trusted brand in the realm of PC components.

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Technology Explained

ATX: ATX (Advanced Technology eXtended) is a type of motherboard form factor that has become the standard in the computer industry. It was first introduced in the mid-1990s and has since evolved to become the most widely used form factor for desktop computers. The main purpose of ATX is to provide a standardized layout for computer components, making it easier for manufacturers to design and produce compatible parts. This has led to a more efficient and cost-effective production process, resulting in more affordable and reliable computers for consumers. Additionally, the ATX form factor allows for better airflow and cooling within the computer, which is crucial for maintaining optimal performance. Overall, ATX technology has greatly contributed to the advancement of the computer industry by providing a universal standard for computer components and improving the overall functionality and reliability of computers.

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