EA CEO Reveals Plans to Trim Workforce by Approximately 5%

March 1, 2024 by our News Team

Electronic Arts (EA) is reevaluating and optimizing its operations to cater to the evolving needs of players and ensure continued delivery of entertaining experiences to the gaming community.

  • Empowering creative leaders to deliver entertaining experiences
  • Catering to the evolving needs and motivations of players
  • Optimizing global operations and focusing on owned IP to drive innovation

In a recent internal announcement, Electronic Arts (EA) CEO Andrew Wilson outlined the company’s strategic priorities and the steps they are taking to adapt to the changing landscape of the gaming industry. Wilson emphasized the importance of empowering creative leaders within the company to deliver entertaining experiences to online communities and tell compelling stories.

One of the key points highlighted by Wilson is the need to cater to the evolving needs and motivations of players. Fans are increasingly seeking broader experiences that go beyond just playing games. They want to engage with the largest intellectual properties (IP), create content, and form deeper connections within the gaming community. EA recognizes this shift and aims to meet these demands by building bigger and bolder experiences for its massive player base.

To achieve these goals, EA is reevaluating its real estate footprint and optimizing its global operations. The company is also making the tough decision to sunset certain games and move away from developing licensed IP that may not align with the changing industry. By focusing on their own IP, sports, and online communities, EA aims to drive creativity, accelerate innovation, and seize their biggest opportunities.

Unfortunately, these changes will impact approximately 5 percent of EA’s workforce. Wilson acknowledges that this will create uncertainty and challenges for those affected, but reassures that the company is committed to supporting them during this transition. EA will explore opportunities for team members to find new roles within the organization or onto other projects. For those unable to be accommodated, EA promises to provide support and respect throughout the process.

Wilson concludes his announcement by expressing gratitude to all EA employees for their dedication and contributions. He emphasizes that EA is a team that values innovation and looks forward to what they can achieve together in shaping the future of entertainment.

It’s evident that EA is taking proactive steps to adapt to an industry in flux. By focusing on their core strengths, prioritizing their owned IP, and catering to the changing needs of players, EA aims to continue delivering the entertainment experiences that fans crave.

EA CEO Reveals Plans to Trim Workforce by Approximately 5%

EA CEO Reveals Plans to Trim Workforce by Approximately 5%

EA CEO Reveals Plans to Trim Workforce by Approximately 5%

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