BenQ Introduces PD3225U: The Ultimate Design Monitor for Mac and MacBook Pro

March 9, 2024 by our News Team

The new PD3225U monitor by BenQ offers exceptional color accuracy, enhanced connectivity, and eco-conscious design tailored for Mac users.

  • The PD3225U boasts impressive IPS Black technology, resulting in deeper blacks and more vibrant colors.
  • It offers seamless integration with Mac devices through features such as M-book Mode and 98% Display P3 color space.
  • The monitor prioritizes eco-friendliness with its use of post-consumer recycled materials and Auto Power Off function.

BenQ, a player in the display technology market, has just launched its latest offering for professionals – the PD3225U monitor. This state-of-the-art display boasts impressive features such as IPS Black technology, Color Match compatibility with Mac devices, and iKeyboard Control, making it an ideal choice for Mac users seeking accurate colors and seamless connectivity.

The PD3225U sets itself apart with its IPS Black technology, which enhances the contrast ratio to an impressive 2000:1. By minimizing light leakage and optimizing the liquid crystal array, this monitor achieves 35 percent deeper blacks compared to traditional IPS displays, resulting in more vibrant and lifelike colors. Additionally, the PD3225U caters specifically to Mac users with its M-book Mode and 98% Display P3 color space, ensuring a seamless integration with Mac devices. Not only that, but it also boasts certifications from industry standards such as Calman Verified, Pantone Validation, and Pantone SkinTone Validation.

To deliver consistent color accuracy from corner to corner, the PD3225U utilizes BenQ’s exclusive Uniformity Technology. This feature guarantees authentic colors and uniform luminance across the entire display. Moreover, the monitor comes equipped with BenQ’s Display ColorTalk software, enabling effortless color matching between the monitor and MacBook Pro without the need for external calibration tools.

For creative professionals requiring a larger workspace, the PD3225U supports dual 4K monitors through Daisy Chain technology via Thunderbolt connectivity. This high-speed transfer capability allows users to expand their workspace seamlessly. Additionally, BenQ’s Display Pilot 2 software offers a customizable and user-friendly interface to manage various display features, including Print Assist, AutoPivot, PIP/PBD, ICCSync, brightness control, and more. The PD3225U also introduces iKeyboard Control, allowing users to conveniently adjust brightness and speaker volume directly from their MacBook keyboard.

The PD3225U goes above and beyond by incorporating a built-in KVM switch, enabling users to control two systems using a single keyboard and mouse set through the Hotkey Puck G2. This innovative feature allows for easy customization and access to frequently used functions via the dial and three controller keys. Furthermore, the monitor offers extensive connectivity options, including a Thunderbolt 3 Port, two HDMI ports, a DisplayPort, and a USB hub, catering to users with diverse connectivity needs. With its flexible Ergonomics, the PD3225U allows creatives to tilt, swivel, raise, and pivot the monitor to suit their viewing preferences.

Jason Lee, BenQ’s LCD business line manager, expressed his excitement about the PD3225U’s launch: “Designed with Mac users in mind, the PD3225U provides unparalleled color features such as IPS Black, M-book Mode, and BenQ’s AQCOLOR technology, as well as wide connectivity to enhance workflows and streamline performance for Mac-focused creatives. We are thrilled to add this new monitor to our extensive line of design monitors.”

In addition to its impressive performance specifications, the PD3225U also prioritizes eco-friendliness. With 85 percent of the monitor made from post-consumer recycled materials and packaged in fully recyclable cardboard, it minimizes environmental impact. The monitor also features an Auto Power Off function that conserves energy by automatically shutting down the screen after 10, 20, or 30 minutes of inactivity.

With its exceptional color accuracy, enhanced connectivity options, and eco-conscious design, the PD3225U is set to revolutionize the professional monitor market and cater specifically to the needs of Mac users. BenQ continues to solidify its position as a leader in display technology with this latest addition to its impressive lineup of design monitors.

BenQ Introduces PD3225U: The Ultimate Design Monitor for Mac and MacBook Pro

BenQ Introduces PD3225U: The Ultimate Design Monitor for Mac and MacBook Pro

BenQ Introduces PD3225U: The Ultimate Design Monitor for Mac and MacBook Pro

BenQ Introduces PD3225U: The Ultimate Design Monitor for Mac and MacBook Pro

BenQ Introduces PD3225U: The Ultimate Design Monitor for Mac and MacBook Pro

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