Sharp introduces MultiSync ME Series, revolutionizing the display technology landscape.

February 3, 2024 by our News Team

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA) has launched the MultiSync MExx2 Series, a collaboration between Sharp and NEC, featuring updated technology and enhanced connectivity for digital signage applications in various settings.

  • The MultiSync MExx2 Series is a collaboration between two reputable companies, Sharp and NEC, ensuring high quality and reliability.
  • The displays feature an updated internal operating system and connectivity, making them flexible and functional for various environments.
  • The MultiSync MExx2 Series offers high-end media player functionality and a platform for CMS integration, making it an ideal solution for digital signage applications.

Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America (SIICA) has recently launched the MultiSync ME Series display product line, which includes the PN-ME432, PN-ME502, PN-ME552, and PN-ME652 models. These displays are designed for clear and bright usage as presentation devices or large-scale messaging devices in various settings such as retail, restaurant, theatre, houses of worship, and corporate environments.

The MultiSync MExx2 Series is the first product line co-developed by the engineering teams from both Sharp and NEC sides of the SNDSA joint venture. The focus of this collaboration was to maintain the proven reliability that customers have come to expect from both companies. The new product line features an updated internal operating system with a system-on-chip architecture, allowing for improved flexibility and functionality. The OSD design has also been updated to provide the best possible product to the market. Additionally, the connectivity has been enhanced to reflect the newest standards in the marketplace.

The MultiSync MExx2 Series integrates high-end media player functionality and a newly created platform for CMS integration. It offers on-board media playback through internal storage or USB, along with content management integration. This makes it an ideal solution for digital signage applications.

Benjamin Hardy, Senior Product Manager for Sharp Imaging and Information Company of America, Inc., stated that the MultiSync MExx2 Series showcases the quality expected from both Sharp and NEC. He emphasized that the new platform adds exciting and updated features to their digital signage focused product lineup, allowing them to better serve their customers in the ever-growing digital marketplace.

The MultiSync MExx2 lineup is available in 43-, 50-, and 55-inch Class sizes, with a 65-inch Class size coming soon. The panels have a brightness range of 400-450 cd/m2, making them suitable for various environments. The new product line also features high haze, anti-reflective panels, which reduce reflectivity and improve visibility. The displays support both landscape and portrait orientations and have a slimmer and lighter design compared to previous models, while still maintaining a full metal chassis for commercial applications.

Key features of the MultiSync MExx2 Series include an Android-based operating system, integrated and fully schedulable media player, ambient light sensor for automatic brightness adjustment, center IR receiver for kiosk integration, support for both NEC and Sharp protocols for easy replacement, input detect functionality for failover and input prioritization, integrated speakers, LAN connectivity for IP control, HDMI and USB-C with DP-Alt mode support for AV connectivity, and a 3-year limited commercial warranty with best-in-class service and support.

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