Chinese Moore Threads S80 & S70 GPUs achieve remarkable performance boost in just one year with driver updates.

February 12, 2024 by our News Team

Moore Threads' Chinese gaming GPUs, the MTT S80 and S70, have seen significant performance improvements and price reductions, making them a more appealing choice for entry-level gamers, although power efficiency remains a concern.

  • Impressive performance gains for both the S80 and S70 models
  • Attractive prices, making these GPUs a compelling option for entry-level gamers
  • Significant improvements to drivers, resulting in smoother gameplay

Moore Threads, the Chinese GPU manufacturer, made a splash in the market last year with the release of their MTT S80 and S70 gaming GPUs. However, these cards initially faced challenges in software optimizations, struggling to compete with the likes of AMD and nVidia.

Fast forward to today, and Moore Threads has made significant improvements to their drivers, resulting in impressive performance gains for both the S80 and S70 models. EJ Hardware, a Chinese media outlet, conducted tests on these GPUs and found that while AAA games optimized for the MUSA architecture saw only marginal improvements, popular titles like Genshin Impact and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 ran more efficiently.

These performance gains are undoubtedly good news for Chinese gamers, especially considering the continuous price reductions on Moore Threads’ GPUs. The MTT S80 is now priced at 1499 RMB (approximately $200 USD), while the S70 can be found for just 949 RMB (around $130 USD). These attractive prices, coupled with the improved performance, make these GPUs a compelling option for entry-level gamers.

However, one area where Moore Threads still needs improvement is power efficiency. While their GPUs now meet performance expectations, power consumption remains a concern. It is hoped that the next-generation MTT architecture will prioritize power efficiency to address this issue.

Overall, Moore Threads has made significant strides in improving their gaming GPUs over the past year. With smoother gameplay and attractive price points, these cards are becoming a more viable option for gamers in China.

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About MTT: Moore Threads Technology Co. Ltd (MTT) is a Chinese technology company specializing in graphics processing unit design, established in October 2020 by, Zhang Jianzhong, the former global vice-president of Nvidia and general manager of Nvidia China.

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