New Launch Day Build Guide Launched for Diablo IV: Season of the Construct

January 24, 2024

New Launch Day Build Guide Launched for Diablo IV: Season of the Construct

Summary: Discover the power of the Seneschal Companion and customize it with unique Governing and Tuning Stones to dominate the treacherous Vaults and defeat enemy Constructs in Diablo IV's Season of the Construct.

  • Opportunity to obtain a unique Seneschal Construct companion
  • Customization options for the companion through Governing and Tuning Stones
  • New gameplay features, such as Vaults and Arcane Tremors, to earn Stones and enhance the companion

Delve into the treacherous Vaults and navigate deadly perils alongside your trusty Seneschal Companion in Diablo IV’s highly anticipated Season of the Construct. Today, on January 23, players will have the opportunity to embark on a thrilling Seasonal Questline that culminates in the acquisition of their very own Seneschal Construct. As a special treat for Season of the Construct, we’re here to provide an exclusive overview of how to obtain your Construct and the Stones necessary to enhance their combat expertise. Get ready for an insider’s look at some key builds that will decimate your enemies.

Prepare to Crush and Conquer with Constructs
To obtain the Seneschal Construct, players must undertake the Seasonal Questline in Season of the Construct. To kick off this questline, simply create a new Seasonal Character and choose the Skip Main Campaign option to jump right into the action. If you haven’t completed the Main Campaign yet, fear not! Create a new character on the Seasonal realm, complete the prologue, and then utilize the Skip Main Campaign option to access the Seasonal Questline. Once you’ve obtained your Seneschal Companion, the next step is to customize them using Governing and Tuning Stones. Governing Stones grant your companion a range of abilities, from deploying smaller Constructs that explode on impact to shooting down enemy projectiles. Tuning Stones modify the skills associated with the Governing Stones, such as increasing attack speed or instantly destroying enemy barriers. Each Construct can be customized with two Governing Stones and six Tuning Stones (three Tuning Stones per Governing Stone), allowing for a wide array of powerful combinations.

Gaining these stones can be achieved through various means. The primary method is by venturing into Vaults, a brand-new type of dungeon that pits players against perilous hazards and enemy Constructs. Additionally, stones can be earned as completion rewards for defeating the Seasonal Boss, completing Arcane Tremors in the Overworld, or by unlocking them through the Season Journey. Defeating enemy Constructs will also yield Shattered Stones, which can be used to craft Governing and Tuning Stones with the assistance of your local Jeweler.

Once you have multiple copies of the same Governing and Tuning Stones, you can merge stones of similar quality to increase their overall Level. This leveling process is crucial for maximizing the potential of your Seneschal Companion and transforming them into the ultimate ally in your fight against the Constructs.

Now that you have your trusty Seneschal Companion by your side, let’s dive into some insider builds that will leave your foes in ruins.

Insider Scoop: Seneschal Builds for the Adventurous Wanderer
Each Governing and Tuning Stone in Diablo IV offers unique advantages that cater to different playstyles and combat approaches. Here are a few builds that will have you dominating the Season of the Construct.

Bushwack Gyrate Lieutenant—Recommended classes: Sorcerer, Rogue
Governing Stone: Bushwack – Tuning Stones: Arcing Support, Registered Damage, Frigid Support
Governing Stone: Gyrate – Tuning Stones: Voluminous Support, Mockery Support, Initiative Support

This utility-focused build allows your Seneschal Companion to teleport to enemies, instantly attacking them and dealing damage to surrounding foes. The Construct also taunts enemies and pulls them in, drawing them closer while you rain down devastation from a safe distance. As a Sorcerer or Rogue, utilize skills across the battlefield to sow chaos while your Seneschal grabs the attention of your adversaries.

Autodefense Lightning Vortex—Recommended classes: Barbarian, Druid
Governing Stone: Autodefense – Tuning Stones: Voluminous Support, Gripping Support, Initiative Support
Governing Stone: Lightning Bolt – Tuning Stones: Multi-shot Support, Piercing Support, Seeking Support

This melee-focused build amplifies the area-of-effect damage of your Seneschal Companion’s attacks, while Gripping Support draws in enemies whose projectiles are halted by Autodefense. The key to this build lies in the Initiative Support Tuning Stone, which automatically teleports the Seneschal Companion to you, consistently bringing enemies closer and making them easier to dispatch. The Autodefense Stone also provides near-immunity to enemy projectiles while active. Barbarians will revel in crushing their opponents left and right, while melee-focused Druids (Stormclaw and Werewolf builds) will relish the frenzied brawls enabled by this stone combination.

Fire Tempest Accelerant—Recommended classes: Necromancer, Rogue
Governing Stone: Tempest – Tuning Stones: Arcing Support, Duration Support, Voluminous Support
Governing Stone: Focus Fire – Tuning Stones: Dusk Support, Gripping Support, Voluminous Support

This deadly build is ideal for classes that excel in dealing high amounts of damage-per-second. The Tempest Governing Stone adds a layer of complexity but is immensely satisfying when executed correctly. The damage-over-time effect of the Tempest Stone grows stronger the longer it persists, intensifying as it leaps to a new enemy after each one falls. It starts off modestly but quickly escalates to screen-clearing levels if you can maintain the damage-over-time effect.

On Focus Fire, Dusk Support interrupts enemy attacks and reduces their overall damage output. Gripping Support pulls enemies towards your companion, setting them up for devastating Focus Fire strikes. Finally, Voluminous Support widens the area of effect, ensuring that more enemies are caught in the crossfire. Rogues and Necromancers will find great success with this heavy damage-over-time build, capitalizing on the slow burn of the Tempest Governing Stone. Duration Support extends the duration of the Tempest effect, giving it a higher chance to spread and significantly increasing its overall damage potential.

These builds are just the tip of the iceberg. Experiment and theorycraft with your Seneschal Companion to discover your own preferred playstyle and become the ultimate Vault plunderer. We’ll see you in Diablo IV’s Season of the Construct when it launches on January 23.New Launch Day Build Guide Launched for Diablo IV: Season of the Construct

New Launch Day Build Guide Launched for Diablo IV: Season of the Construct

New Launch Day Build Guide Launched for Diablo IV: Season of the Construct

New Launch Day Build Guide Launched for Diablo IV: Season of the Construct

New Launch Day Build Guide Launched for Diablo IV: Season of the Construct


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