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January 20, 2024

Oxide Games is developing Ara: History Untold, a grand strategy game that aims to address issues of predictability, time commitment, and resource management through innovative features such as a unique technology system, crafting component, and multiplayer organization, with support from Microsoft and plans for future expansions and DLC.

  • Passionate and experienced team of game industry veterans
  • Innovative technology system that adds unpredictability and strategic thinking
  • Unique crafting component for economic system and focus on multiplayer experience

Oxide Games, a studio filled with passionate and experienced game industry veterans, is making waves with their upcoming grand strategy game, Ara: History Untold. With decades of experience in the genre, the team at Oxide Games is looking to bring something fresh and innovative to the table.

One of the key aspects that the team wanted to address was the issue of optimal strategy. In many grand strategy games, once players figure out the most efficient path to success, the game becomes predictable and loses its appeal. Ara aims to change that by introducing more unpredictability and forcing players to constantly reevaluate their decisions.

To achieve this, Ara incorporates a unique technology system that includes elements of randomness. Players must consider their current circumstances and make choices that may have long-term consequences. For example, when advancing to a new era, players must decide whether to gain access to new and powerful tech or continue in the current era to build up their foundational knowledge. This adds a layer of complexity and strategic thinking to the game.

Another innovative feature of Ara is its crafting component for the economic system. Players can craft new units and gain favor with other nations by creating gifts or establishing trade routes. This adds a new dimension to resource management and allows players to experiment with different strategies.

Ara also addresses the issue of time commitment in grand strategy games. The game is divided into Acts, with players needing to achieve enough Prestige by a certain turn to advance to the next Act. This provides a natural stopping point and allows players to gauge the effectiveness of their strategies early on.

Multiplayer is also a focus for Ara, with the Act system providing an easier way for players to organize and complete multiplayer sessions with friends. This is a welcome addition for players who have limited time but still want to enjoy the multiplayer experience.

The development of Ara: History Untold has been supported by Microsoft, allowing the team at Oxide Games to fully realize their ambitious vision. The game is set to release in Fall 2024 for Windows PC and Steam, and will be available on PC Game Pass from day one. This accessibility is a significant advantage, as it allows new players to try out the game without the barrier of purchasing it upfront.

Looking ahead, the team at Oxide Games hopes to continue expanding Ara: History Untold with expansions and DLC, bringing even more diverse experiences to players. With their passion, experience, and innovative ideas, it’s clear that Ara: History Untold has the potential to make a lasting impact in the grand strategy genre.


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