Samsung introduces Galaxy Book4 Series: A Addition to the Intelligent Galaxy Book Line

December 15, 2023 by our News Team

Samsung Electronics has launched the Galaxy Book4 series, featuring intelligent processors, enhanced displays, and robust security, to elevate their Galaxy ecosystem and empower users with improved productivity, mobility, and connectivity.

  • The Galaxy Book4 series features a powerful processor that maximizes productivity and enables exciting new AI capabilities.
  • The devices offer enhanced security measures at the chipset level, ensuring data privacy and protection.
  • The upgraded display and audio quality provide a clear and immersive user experience, making the devices ideal for both work and entertainment.

Samsung Electronics has launched its latest lineup of PCs, the Galaxy Book4 Ultra, Book4 Pro, and Book4 Pro 360. These new devices boast a range of intelligent features, including a powerful processor, an enhanced display, and a robust security system. With these upgrades, Samsung aims to usher in a new era of AI PCs that offer improved productivity, mobility, and connectivity. This not only enhances the devices themselves but also elevates the entire Samsung Galaxy ecosystem, furthering the company’s vision of AI innovation.

According to TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics, the company is dedicated to empowering people and enhancing their everyday lives. This is achieved through their expansive Galaxy ecosystem and collaboration with other industry leaders. The Galaxy Book4 series plays a crucial role in bringing top-notch connectivity to the ecosystem, allowing users to interact intelligently and seamlessly across their PC, phone, tablet, and other devices.

The Galaxy Book4 series is equipped with an intelligent processor that maximizes productivity. It features the new Intel Core Ultra 9 processor, which combines a faster CPU, a high-performance GPU, and a newly added NPU into a single package. This processor, coupled with Intel’s AI PC Acceleration program and nVidia Geforce RTX 4070 Laptop GPU, enables exciting new AI capabilities and boosts productivity on the Galaxy Book4 series. The NVIDIA Studio technology also provides fast, generative AI-based creation tools that enhance creativity.

To ensure optimal performance, the Galaxy Book4 Ultra incorporates an optimal cooling system that reduces heat and fan noise. It features an 11% wider vapor chamber and a dual fan with an uneven blade spacing design. Additionally, the device offers increased power efficiency, allowing users to enjoy longer battery life on a single charge. With a 140W adapter that is 1.4 times larger than its predecessor, users can quickly charge their device and gain an additional 55% battery life in just 30 minutes.

Data privacy and security are also prioritized in the Galaxy Book4 series. Samsung has enhanced security measures at the chipset level with the inclusion of a new discrete Samsung Knox security chip. This chip secures critical system data separately, adding an extra layer of security to the devices.

The Galaxy Book4 series features an upgraded display that provides a clear view for users on the go. It boasts a Dynamic AMOLED 2X display that offers clear contrast and vivid colors, both indoors and outdoors. The Vision Booster feature automatically enhances visibility and color reproduction in bright conditions, while anti-reflective technology reduces distracting reflections. With a touchscreen added to all three models, the Galaxy Book4 series offers an interactive user interface similar to smartphones and Tablets.

Audio quality is also a priority, with AKG Quad speakers and Dolby Atmos delivering high-quality sound. The device features studio-quality dual microphones with bi-directional AI noise canceling, ensuring clear voice capture during video calls, even in noisy environments. When paired with Galaxy Buds2 Pro, users can enjoy realistic sounds with reduced Latency, making gaming experiences more immersive.

The Galaxy Book4 series is designed to work seamlessly with Galaxy smartphones and tablets, further enhancing productivity and creativity. Samsung Studio, a new video creation tool available across Samsung Galaxy devices, allows users to continue editing videos made on their phone or tablet in more detail on their PC. The Photo Remaster feature on Samsung Gallery for PC enables quick photo correction and automatic erasure of unwanted shadows and reflections using AI optimization. Additionally, the Second Screen feature allows users to use their tablet as a monitor for their Book4, expanding productivity with various modes.

The Galaxy Book4 series will be progressively released in select markets, starting with Korea in January 2024. The devices come in a refined and minimal finish, incorporating a wider variety of recycled materials such as plastics, glass, and aluminum. With its intelligent features and sleek design, the Galaxy Book4 series aims to provide users with a powerful and connected PC experience.

Samsung introduces Galaxy Book4 Series: A Addition to the Intelligent Galaxy Book Line

Samsung introduces Galaxy Book4 Series: A Addition to the Intelligent Galaxy Book Line

Samsung introduces Galaxy Book4 Series: A Addition to the Intelligent Galaxy Book Line

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