MSI Enhances Gaming Hardware with 100GB Dropbox Offer for 3 Months

December 20, 2023 by our News Team

MSI partners with Dropbox to offer customers a complimentary three-month trial of the popular cloud storage service, providing a seamless integration of high-performance hardware and innovative file storage solutions.

  • Complimentary three-month trial of Dropbox's secure cloud storage service
  • Generous 100 GB storage capacity
  • Seamless integration of Dropbox's file storage and sharing solutions with MSI's high-performance devices

MSI, the global gaming, creation, and business brand, has recently announced an exciting partnership with Dropbox. As part of this collaboration, customers who purchase specific MSI products will receive a complimentary three-month trial of Dropbox’s highly popular secure cloud storage service, complete with a generous 100 GB storage capacity. To take advantage of this offer, customers can simply register through the Member Center or MSI Center, with more details available on the official website.

In today’s digital age, the trend of storing important data online for easy access and synchronization has become increasingly popular. Recognizing this shift, MSI is committed to providing its loyal fans with exceptional support. By teaming up with Dropbox, MSI introduces this promotion to offer their customers an opportunity to experience the convenience of accessing their data from any location.

The collaboration between MSI’s high-performance hardware and Dropbox’s robust cloud storage infrastructure ensures that users can seamlessly sync their profiles, gaming progress, creative projects, multimedia content, and personal data at any time and from anywhere. Acting as a centralized hub for organizing life and enabling smooth workflows, Dropbox provides a streamlined method for keeping files in sync. The platform is driven by a mission to revolutionize the way we work, offering users the ability to store and access a wide range of creative projects across various devices and platforms.

With Dropbox, users can effortlessly manage text documents, photography, graphic designs, videos, footage, and social media content across desktops, mobile devices, and web platforms. This enlightened approach to productivity ensures efficient task completion through organized and simplified workflows, fostering collaboration within teams and catering to the dynamic needs of a diverse user base engaged in both professional and entertainment pursuits.

Aladdin Edris, Head of Business Development at Dropbox, expressed his enthusiasm for this partnership by stating, “Dropbox is thrilled to combine the power of our secure cloud storage collaboration platform with hardware. This collaboration fosters an unparalleled user experience by seamlessly integrating Dropbox’s innovative file storage, backup, and sharing solutions with MSI’s high-performance devices and peripherals.”

For more information on the MSI products eligible for the complimentary Dropbox membership program and the related qualifications, interested individuals can visit the dedicated page on MSI’s website.

MSI Enhances Gaming Hardware with 100GB Dropbox Offer for 3 Months

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