MSI AI AMR Integrated into Smart Manufacturing Incubation Center at National Chung Hsing University

December 28, 2023 by our News Team

MSI and National Chung Hsing University have partnered to introduce Autonomous Mobile Robots into NCHU's Smart Manufacturing Talent Incubation Center, showcasing MSI's advanced technology and providing hands-on learning experiences for students and researchers.

  • MSI's partnership with NCHU showcases their commitment to advancing robotic technology and exploring opportunities in smart factories.
  • The Smart Automation Factory at NCHU houses four MSI robots, demonstrating their capabilities in a real manufacturing environment.
  • NCHU's Smart Manufacturing Talent Incubation Center provides hands-on learning experiences for students and researchers, contributing to the development of the next generation of engineers and researchers.

MSI, a expert in advanced robotic technology, has recently announced a partnership with National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) to introduce its Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) into NCHU’s newly established Smart Manufacturing Talent Incubation Center. This collaboration signifies MSI’s continuous efforts to enhance its autonomous AMR capabilities and explore significant opportunities in the realm of smart factories.

The Smart Automation Factory at NCHU now houses four MSI robots, including the MSI AI Cobot, MSI AI Logistics Robot, and two MSI AI Base Robots. These robots operate collaboratively in a multi-robot fashion, seamlessly integrating essential production line information, semi-finished products, and manufacturing processes into AMR functional modules. This integration supports various unmanned smart manufacturing services.

Spanning over 500 square meters, NCHU’s Smart Manufacturing Talent Incubation Center is recognized as a green building and serves as a platform for teaching, research, and industry-academia collaboration in the fields of smart machinery and smart manufacturing. The center offers training for high-level R&D talents in academia and provides opportunities for industry professionals to pursue further education while working. It stands as the largest smart manufacturing talent incubation center on a domestic campus and is set to become one of MSI’s AMR demonstration sites in the future.

Through this collaboration, MSI aims to validate and improve its AMR technology in a real manufacturing environment, making it an appealing automation solution across various industries. In addition to the AMR hardware, MSI also supplies its independently developed Fleet Management System (FMS), enabling real-time tracking and management of the robot fleet within an AIoT framework. This system serves as an optimal tool for companies looking to construct intelligent automated production systems.

NCHU is committed to fostering innovation and providing hands-on learning experiences. The university will test and enhance the AMR in a controlled experimental factory environment, generating valuable data for future improvements in AMR functionality and adaptability. This will make the technology more flexible and competitive in the market. Students and researchers from various disciplines at NCHU will gain valuable hands-on experience and exposure to the latest developments in robotic technology.

Albert UY, Assistant Vice President of MSI Customized Product Division, emphasized the company’s commitment to advancing robotic technology through collaboration with academic institutions. UY stated that the goal is to accelerate AMR development, contributing to automation, machinery, tooling, plastics, semiconductors, software integration, and even the education sector. This industry-academia collaboration not only aids in the company’s development but also fosters the education and skill development of the next generation of engineers and researchers.

Associate Professor Shean-Juinn Chiou from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at NCHU expressed anticipation for the collaboration, highlighting the opportunity for National Chung Hsing University to contribute to the advancement of robotic technology. Chiou mentioned that students and researchers will benefit from the practical experience gained through this collaboration and expressed excitement about exploring the potential applications of MSI’s AMR in smart factory settings.

As the collaboration progresses, MSI and National Chung Hsing University will continue to explore and develop innovative solutions in the ever-evolving fields of manufacturing and automation. This partnership exemplifies the mutually beneficial relationship between industry-leading enterprises and academic institutions, providing technology and talent to the industry while creating additional value and enriching society.

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