KLEVV introduces CRAS V RGB DDR5-8400 and DDR5-8200 Memory, Including a Sleek White Edition

December 18, 2023 by our News Team

KLEVV announces the launch of the CRAS V RGB Brilliant White edition memory kit, featuring extreme high-speed configurations and a signature tone-on-tone design, catering to the demand for top-notch memory solutions among enthusiasts and professionals.

  • High-speed configurations of DDR5-8200 and DDR5-8400
  • Stunning tone-on-tone design
  • Excellent performance and overclocking capabilities

Klevv, the consumer memory and storage brand under Essencore, is thrilled to announce the launch of the CRAS V RGB Brilliant White edition memory kit. This new addition to KLEVV’s flagship memory lineup comes in two extreme high-speed configurations: DDR5-8200 and DDR5-8400. The release of the Brilliant White edition is a direct response to the overwhelming demand and popularity of the CRAS V RGB memory kits among enthusiasts and professionals.

The CRAS V RGB Brilliant White edition maintains the stunning tone-on-tone design that has become a signature feature of the series. Its exceptional performance standards are upheld, solidifying its position as the preferred choice for users seeking top-notch memory solutions.

Engineered with meticulous attention to detail, KLEVV’s CRAS V RGB memory kits deliver outstanding performance at remarkable speed options. The DDR5-8200 kit features timings of 38-49-49-131, while the DDR5-8400 kit boasts timings of 40-52-52-134. These memory kits operate efficiently at a voltage of 1.45V, providing users with a seamless experience.

To showcase the performance capabilities of the DDR5-8400 kit, a screenshot of the AIDA64 Cache & Memory Benchmark tool is provided. However, it’s important to note that memory bandwidth test results may vary depending on factors such as hardware configurations, BIOS versions, system settings, or test parameters.

KLEVV’s CRAS V RGB memory kits lead the industry with their impressive clock values, minimizing operational delays and enhancing overall system performance. These specifications are available in both the Obsidian Black edition and the newly launched Brilliant White edition memory kits, both offered in a 24GB x2 configuration.

The CRAS V RGB series memory kits excel in overclocking capabilities and compatibility. They are fully compatible with the latest Intel 14th Gen Core Desktop Processors and Z790 chipset platform, while also supporting Intel XMP 3.0 and AMD EXPO overclocking profiles. These memory kits have undergone rigorous testing and have earned the approval of major mainstream motherboard manufacturers. This ensures extraordinary synergy with a wide range of popular motherboards, making them a reliable choice for users seeking high-speed memory solutions with a sleek and modern aesthetic.

The CRAS V RGB Brilliant White edition memory kits and high-speed modules will be available for purchase from the end of December 2023. For more detailed information, please visit the product page on KLEVV’s website.

KLEVV introduces CRAS V RGB DDR5-8400 and DDR5-8200 Memory, Including a Sleek White Edition

KLEVV introduces CRAS V RGB DDR5-8400 and DDR5-8200 Memory, Including a Sleek White Edition

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DDR5: DDR5 (Double Data Rate 5) is the next generation of memory technology for the computer industry. It is a modern day improvement on earlier DDR technologies, with faster speeds, greater bandwidth and higher capacities. DDR5 enables higher resolution, seamless gaming experiences and faster data transfer rates, making it an ideal choice for high-performance computing and 4K gaming. With its greater RAM compatibility, DDR5 provides faster buffering times and raised clock speeds, giving users an improved overall work system. DDR5 is also optimized for multi-tasking, allowing users to multitask without experiencing a significant drop in performance, increasing the productivity of digital tasks. As an ever-evolving technology, DDR5 is paving the way for the computer industry into a new and powerful era.

Z790: The Z790 chipset is a motherboard platform from Intel that supports the 12th Gen Core, 13th Gen Core CPUs and 14th Gen Core CPUs. It offers more PCIe Gen 4 lanes and USB 3.2x2 ports than the previous Z690 chipset, which can enable faster storage and connectivity options.

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