iBUYPOWER and DeepCool join forces to offer custom RDY Gaming PCs, no wait times.

December 19, 2023 by our News Team

iBUYPOWER partners with DeepCool to offer top-quality cooling solutions in their custom gaming PCs, launching two new RDY systems and integrating DeepCool hardware into their configurator options.

  • Partnership with DeepCool demonstrates dedication to quality components
  • Introduction of new RDY systems equipped with DeepCool LS520
  • Variety of cooling options available through custom configurator for Intel 13th Gen Ultimate Gaming PC

iBUYPOWER, a leading custom gaming PC builder, is expanding its product lineup by partnering with Deepcool, a manufacturer of high-performance PC hardware and thermal solutions. This collaboration aims to provide gamers and power users with top-notch cooling solutions that can handle the increasing complexity and computational power of modern PC hardware.

According to King Perez de Tagle, Marketing Executive Producer of HYTE and iBUYPOWER, this long-term partnership with DeepCool demonstrates their dedication to creating PCs with quality components, particularly their iBUYPOWER branded AIO Coolers. He further expressed pride in launching a range of RDYs (ready-to-ship systems) and Configurators featuring DeepCool products.

To kickstart this collaboration, iBUYPOWER is introducing two RDY SKUs: the Lancool 001 and the Y40P 001. Both systems will be equipped with the DeepCool LS520, showcasing the integration of DeepCool hardware into iBUYPOWER systems. Additionally, the custom configurator for the Intel 13th Gen Ultimate Gaming PC will offer DeepCool’s LT and LS series as selectable coolers, ensuring customers have a variety of cooling options to choose from.

For those interested in purchasing these new systems, the RDY Lancool 001 starts at $2,899 USD, while the RDY Y40P 001 starts at $2,449 USD. The Intel 13th Gen Ultimate Gaming PC custom configurator begins at $3,019 USD. For more details, visit the dedicated page on iBUYPOWER’s website.

iBUYPOWER and DeepCool join forces to offer custom RDY Gaming PCs, no wait times.

iBUYPOWER and DeepCool join forces to offer custom RDY Gaming PCs, no wait times.

iBUYPOWER and DeepCool join forces to offer custom RDY Gaming PCs, no wait times.

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