Acer’s Vero Laptop Line Takes a Green Leap Towards Carbon Neutrality

December 6, 2023 by our News Team

Acer announces commitment to carbon neutrality with new Aspire Vero 16 laptop, featuring eco-friendly design and energy-efficient features, in line with global standards and initiatives.

  • Acer's commitment to carbon neutrality for its Aspire Vero laptop line showcases the company's dedication to combatting climate change.
  • The Aspire Vero 16 (AV16-51P) model is designed with eco-consciousness in mind, minimizing its carbon footprint throughout its entire lifecycle.
  • The laptop features several eco-friendly components, such as a chassis made from over 60% recycled plastic and a touchpad utilizing ocean-bound plastic.

Acer, the tech company, has recently made a significant announcement regarding its commitment to carbon neutrality for its Aspire Vero laptop line. The initiative is set to begin with the launch of the new Aspire Vero 16 (AV16-51P) model. In line with global standards for carbon footprint calculation and carbon neutrality, Acer has implemented measures at every stage of the device’s lifecycle to minimize its carbon footprint. Furthermore, the company plans to achieve carbon neutrality by utilizing high-quality carbon credits.

Jerry Kao, the COO of Acer Inc., emphasized the company’s dedication to combatting climate change. He stated, “To help tackle the increasing challenges posed by climate change, on the product side, Acer is proposing ‘conscious technology’ designed and made with consideration for the future.” Kao also mentioned that Acer has joined the RE100 initiative, committing to achieving 100% renewable electricity by 2035 and pledging to reach net-zero emissions by 2050.

Acer’s Aspire Vero Laptops have always been designed with eco-consciousness in mind, aiming to minimize their carbon footprint throughout their entire lifecycle. From manufacturing to packaging to end-of-life recycling, each process has been carefully examined and optimized to reduce emissions. The latest model in the series, the Aspire Vero 16 (AV16-51P), showcases Acer’s ongoing efforts in several key areas.

In terms of color, material, and finish, the chassis of the Aspire Vero 16 is constructed from a blend of over 60% recycled plastic, a significant increase from the previous generation’s 30%. Additionally, the surface of the laptop contains no volatile organic compounds, paint, or additives. The touchpad utilizes ocean-bound plastic, further demonstrating Acer’s commitment to sustainability.

The components of the Aspire Vero 16 also contribute to its eco-friendly features. Equipped with the latest Intel Core Ultra processors, the laptop offers improved power efficiency compared to previous generations. The integration of Intel AI Boost, a neural processing unit (NPU), enables the device to deliver AI-powered capabilities while maintaining exceptional power efficiency.

Acer has also made efforts to reduce the carbon footprint associated with packaging and shipping. The company recycles scrap materials generated during production and utilizes 100% recyclable packaging. Moreover, the design of the 100% recycled FSC-certified paper box allows for easy repurposing. In collaboration with logistics providers, Acer has implemented measures to reduce emissions from standard sea containers by utilizing biofuel on various routes.

Energy efficiency is a key focus for Acer’s Aspire Vero 16. The laptop features AcerSense battery management software, which offers four performance modes: Eco+, Eco, Balanced, and Performance. This software ensures optimal energy usage, contributing to a more sustainable user experience.

In terms of recycling and repair, Acer has prioritized ease of disassembly to facilitate quick repairs, upgrades, or recycling. The use of standard screws simplifies the process, aligning with Acer’s commitment to sustainability.

To achieve carbon neutrality, Acer plans to retire high-quality carbon credits after implementing these emission reduction efforts.

Further details about the Acer Aspire Vero 16 will be launched in January at the Las Vegas event. Specifications, prices, and availability may vary depending on the region.

Acer’s Vero Laptop Line Takes a Green Leap Towards Carbon Neutrality

Acer’s Vero Laptop Line Takes a Green Leap Towards Carbon Neutrality

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