Leaked Intel Info Suggests Minimal Speed Boost for 1st Gen Core Ultra Meteor Lake CPUs Compared to 13th Gen Raptor Lake

November 25, 2023 by our News Team

Leaked Intel information suggests that 1st Gen Core Ultra Meteor Lake CPUs offer minimal speed boosts compared to 13th Gen Raptor Lake, leaving laptop makers disappointed and searching for alternative solutions.

  • Improved power efficiency
  • Advanced NPU and tiled integrated graphics unit (iGPU)
  • Alternative options such as AMD's Zen 5 processors

Leaked Intel Info Suggests Minimal Speed Boost for 1st Gen Core Ultra Meteor Lake CPUs Compared to 13th Gen Raptor Lake

Rumors are swirling about Intel’s upcoming 1st Gen Core Ultra processors, codenamed Meteor Lake, and it seems that they may not be as impressive as initially anticipated. According to leaked information, these 4nm-class modular CPUs offer little to no significant performance improvement over their predecessor, Raptor Lake. This news has left laptop makers disappointed and searching for alternative solutions to entice consumers.

Initially, one of the selling points of Meteor Lake was its Neural Processing Unit (NPU) and the AI-related benefits it would bring. However, Intel seems to have shifted its focus to AI capabilities in an attempt to divert attention from the lackluster performance gains of these processors. This move has left many OEMs feeling let down and looking for other options.

One such alternative that many laptop makers are considering is AMD’s Zen 5 processors. Brands like Strix and Hawk Point are planning to take their chances with these chips, and we can expect to see more notebooks featuring the Ryzen 8000 (or possibly 9000) processors in 2024 and beyond. This shift towards AMD indicates the dissatisfaction among OEMs with Intel’s current products.

In conclusion, it appears that Intel’s 1st Gen Core Ultra processors, Meteor Lake, may not live up to the hype. While they may boast improved power efficiency, thanks to an advanced NPU and a tiled integrated graphics unit (iGPU), their raw performance falls short compared to their predecessors. If you’re in the market for a high-performance laptop, it might be wise to explore other options.

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