GELID introduces HeatPhase Ultra, a thermal interface material with phase-changing technology.

November 20, 2023

GELID introduces HeatPhase Ultra, a thermal interface material with phase-changing technology.

Summary: GELID Solutions' HeatPhase Ultra is a thermal interface technology that offers exceptional durability, safety, convenience, and tailored sizes for Intel and AMD processors, all while being compliant with RoHS and WEEE regulations and backed by a 2-year warranty.

  • Exceptional durability and long-lasting effectiveness
  • Engineered to prevent electrical issues and reduce the risk of short circuits
  • User-friendly nature simplifies both the application and removal processes

Gelid Solutions, a leading tech innovator, is excited to introduce its latest breakthrough in thermal interface technology – the HeatPhase Ultra. With a focus on meeting the demands of high-performance devices, this solution offers exceptional durability and long-lasting effectiveness. Unlike traditional materials, HeatPhase Ultra remains effective without becoming hard or worn out over time, ensuring consistent temperature control.

One of the key priorities in the development of HeatPhase Ultra was safety. The design of this thermal interface is specifically engineered to prevent electrical issues and reduce the risk of short circuits, particularly in delicate applications. This added layer of protection provides peace of mind for users, knowing that their devices are safeguarded.

In addition to its superior performance, HeatPhase Ultra also offers user convenience. During application, it prevents bleeding and stays in place without creating a messy application process. This user-friendly nature simplifies both the application and removal processes, making it a preferred choice for technicians and users alike.

Recognizing the diverse needs of consumers, GELID Solutions has designed HeatPhase Ultra in two sizes – one for Intel processors and another for AMD processors. This tailored approach ensures a perfect fit for different systems, delivering effective thermal control for a wide range of electronic devices.

Moreover, the HeatPhase Ultra is compliant with RoHS and WEEE regulations, demonstrating GELID Solutions’ commitment to environmental responsibility. To further instill confidence in their product, GELID Solutions offers a 2-year warranty for the HeatPhase Ultra.

Gebhard Scherrer, Sales Director of GELID Solutions Ltd., emphasized the significance of this thermal management solution, stating, “HeatPhase Ultra represents a significant advancement in thermal management. Its exceptional heat conductivity, durability, and user-friendly features make it stand out as a practical solution that enhances electronic device performance in challenging conditions. It is truly essential for various users.”

The HeatPhase Ultra is available at an MSRP of USD 9.50 or EUR 9.50 for the Intel version, and USD 10.00 or EUR 10.00 for the AMD version. With its impressive features and competitive pricing, the HeatPhase Ultra is set to revolutionize thermal management in the tech industry.


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