EIZO introduces 4K medical recorder for preserving intricate procedures like endoscopy and microsurgery.

November 12, 2023 by our News Team

EIZO Corporation's CuratOR MIR-1 is a medical imaging recorder designed to facilitate medical education, training, and research, boasting impressive features such as 4K UHD resolution, 2 terabytes of storage, and convenient connectivity options.

  • 4K UHD resolution at 60 frames per second
  • High-speed SSD with up to 2 terabytes of data storage
  • Convenient connectivity options for external media

EIZO Corporation, a leading technology company, has launched its latest innovation in the medical field – the CuratOR MIR-1. This medical imaging recorder is designed to archive high-quality video and still images captured during endoscopy, microsurgery, or surgical procedures. With a focus on facilitating medical education, training, and research, EIZO aims to address the growing shortage of surgeons compared to the increasing demand for healthcare services.

The CuratOR MIR-1 boasts impressive features that set it apart from other medical recorders. It can record video in stunning 4K UHD resolution at 60 frames per second, ensuring exceptional image quality. Additionally, it offers the flexibility to scale down to Full HD resolution if needed. The device supports various imaging modalities and features BNC (12G-SDI) and HDMI video input connectors for seamless integration.

One of the standout features of the MIR-1 is its storage capacity. Equipped with a high-speed SSD, it can store up to 2 terabytes of data, equivalent to 175 hours of 4K video or 885 hours of Full HD video. The device supports both H.264 and H.265 compression standards, allowing operators to choose the most suitable option based on their playback or streaming requirements.

The MIR-1 also offers convenient connectivity options. With two USB 5Gbps ports on the front, operators can easily record to external media such as USB HDD or portable USB SSD. The device also allows for data transfer from internal storage to external media, making it ideal for reviewing videos in conference rooms or editing for educational purposes.

In terms of organization and management, the MIR-1 enables detailed registration of each recorded surgical procedure, including patient name and ID. It can even register patient ID information from barcode readers for streamlined workflow. A recording indicator on the front panel provides a quick visual confirmation that the procedure is being recorded. When used with EIZO’s CuratOR EX-Series surgical monitors, the MIR-1’s recording status can be displayed on the monitor, allowing surgeons to stay focused on the screen.

The CuratOR MIR-1, when combined with EIZO’s CuratOR SC430-PTR surgical field camera and EX-Series surgical monitors, offers a comprehensive solution for visualization in the operating room. This “Imaging Chain” ensures high-quality capture, display, and recording of surgical procedures, enhancing the overall surgical experience.

EIZO will be showcasing the CuratOR MIR-1 at Medica 2023 in Düsseldorf, Germany, from November 13-16. The product is set to start shipping in August 2024, with availability varying by country or region. For more information, interested parties can visit the EIZO OR website.

Overall, the CuratOR MIR-1 from EIZO Corporation represents a significant advancement in medical imaging technology. With its exceptional recording capabilities, robust storage capacity, and seamless integration with other surgical equipment, it is poised to revolutionize medical education, training, and research in the operating room.

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