Arbiter Studio introduces the Polar 65 Magnetic Gaming Keyboard, revolutionizing the market.

November 16, 2023 by our News Team

Arbiter Studio's Polar 65 Magnetic Gaming Keyboard is a must-have for gamers looking for technology and design, featuring a 65% layout, CNC aluminum frame, Hall Effect Magnetic Switches, Dual-Shot PBT keycaps, and ultra-bright RGB lighting.

  • Compact magnetic gaming keyboard with 65% layout and CNC aluminum frame
  • Hall Effect Magnetic Switches with rapid trigger capabilities
  • Custom keyboard tuning features with screw-in and pre-lubed stabilizers

Arbiter Studio, known for their innovative and high-quality gaming peripherals, is making waves with their debut keyboard, the Polar 65. This compact magnetic gaming keyboard features a 65% layout and a sleek CNC aluminum frame, making it a must-have for gamers looking for technology and design.

Weighing in at a hefty 990g, the Polar 65 is built to be the reliable centerpiece of any desktop setup. But what sets this keyboard apart is its use of Hall Effect Magnetic Switches. Powered by Hall Effect sensors, these Fuji Magnetic Switches offer users precise control over key actuation within a range of 0.1mm to 3.8mm. With rapid trigger capabilities, keys are instantly activated upon press and deactivated upon release, eliminating any physical switch delay. This is especially crucial for FPS gamers who require lightning-fast key response.

To enhance the FPS gaming experience even further, the linear switches come pre-lubricated for unparalleled smoothness in every keystroke. The Polar 65 also boasts a range of custom keyboard tuning features. Screw-in and pre-lubed stabilizers eliminate any rattle, while two layers of silicone sound dampening remove pesky audible pings. Additionally, the nano-coated Hall Sensor PCB protects against unplanned spills and dust.

The typing sensation and acoustics of the Polar 65 rival other custom keyboards on the market. Thicker Dual-Shot PBT keycaps with KOP profile provide an improved typing experience with their larger contact surface area. And for an extra touch of brilliance, the ultra-bright RGB lighting offers 16 dynamic modes to choose from.

Branden Sorrentino, Marketing Manager of Arbiter Studio, explains their mission: “Our goal is to incorporate the latest technology into a custom keyboard. The Polar 65 is packed with all the premium features that the custom keyboard market demands, including the latest magnetic switch technology with unparalleled control over key activation.”

For those who already have their own cherished keycaps, the Polar 65 Barebones version is available. It offers the same high-quality and innovative features as the standard version, just without the keycaps.

The Polar 65 Magnetic Gaming Keyboard is stocked and available in a variety of keycap colorways. It is priced at US$150, while the Barebones version is priced at US$125. Both versions are now available for shipping worldwide through the Arbiter Studio Shop.

To learn more about the Polar 65 Magnetic Gaming Keyboard and to make a purchase, visit the Arbiter Studio website:

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About Arbiter Studio: Arbiter Studio, is a close-knit group of experts with a keen focus on gaming hardware. Their designers and engineers are zealots who create products crafted for both gamers and hardware enthusiasts. They thrive on embracing the newest innovations, staying at the forefront of trends, and sharing our passions with the community. Commitment to technology and design, fueled by boundless enthusiasm, is the heartbeat of the Arbiter Studio brand.

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