The Resurgent SteelSeries Ghost Collection: A Limited-Edition Comeback with a Futuristic Twist

October 2, 2023

SteelSeries has launched the return of its Limited-Edition Ghost Collection, featuring two top-of-the-line peripherals with a design philosophy centered around the idea that design guides, defines, and connects us.

  • Sleek sculptured shell fused with a mesh pattern and a ghost-like colorway
  • Ultra-lightweight 68g design
  • Integrated OLED Smart Display with onboard storage

SteelSeries, the esports brand known for its fusion of gaming and culture, has launched the return of its Limited-Edition Ghost Collection. This collection features two top-of-the-line peripherals: the Aerox 3 Wireless mouse and the Apex 7 TenKeyLess (TKL) keyboard.

The design philosophy behind the Limited-Edition Ghost Collection is centered around the idea that design guides us, defines us, and connects us. It’s no surprise then that the collection’s design showcases the style and innovation that caters to those who embrace the ‘gaming lifestyle.’

The Aerox 3 Wireless Ghost mouse boasts a sleek sculptured shell fused with a mesh pattern and a ghost-like colorway. This combination not only delivers a visually striking appearance but also ensures a scary fast, ultra-lightweight, and high-performance gaming experience. With features like an ultra-lightweight 68g design, a TrueMove Air sensor, and smooth glide skates made from 100% Virgin Grade PTFE, this mouse sets a new standard for lightweight control and speed. Additionally, it offers a 200-hour battery life with fast charging, water-resistant AquaBarrier™ technology, and easy connectivity through a USB-C cable.

On the other hand, the Apex 7 TKL Ghost keyboard, from the creators of the world’s best-selling TKL keyboard, features a TenKeyLess design with mechanical switches that are guaranteed for an impressive 50 million keypresses. It also boasts an integrated OLED Smart Display with onboard storage, serving as a command center for in-game or Discord information. The keyboard’s per-key RGB illumination offers an unmatched visual experience with 16.8 million colors. With double shot PBT pudding keycaps, an unbreakable aluminum alloy frame, and a limited-edition ghost colorway, this mechanical keyboard truly stands out. It is available in US, UK, and NOR layouts.

The Limited-Edition Ghost Collection is now available for purchase on The Apex 7 TKL Ghost keyboard is priced at $149.99 in North America, €179.99 in EMEA, and $179.99 in APAC. The Aerox 3 Wireless Ghost mouse is priced at $99.99 in North America, €109.99 in EMEA, and $109.99 in APAC.


Background Information

About SteelSeries: SteelSeries is a Danish company founded in 2001, with its headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark. The company is a well-respected brand in the gaming industry, known for manufacturing gaming peripherals and accessories. SteelSeries offers a wide range of products, including gaming mice, keyboards, headsets, and mousepads, catering to both casual and professional gamers. Their products are recognized for their quality and innovative features, making them a popular choice among gamers worldwide.

Technology Explained

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PBT: Polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) is a thermoplastic engineering polymer used in the computer industry for a variety of applications. It is a strong, stiff, and heat-resistant material that is used to make connectors, housings, and other components for computers. PBT is also used to make printed circuit boards, as it is resistant to corrosion and has excellent electrical insulation properties. It is also used to make cables and other wiring components, as it is resistant to abrasion and has a low coefficient of friction. PBT is also used in the manufacture of computer cases, as it is lightweight and can be easily molded into various shapes. Additionally, PBT is used in the manufacture of computer keyboards, as it is resistant to wear and tear and can be easily cleaned.

TKL: TKL (Ten Key Less) keyboard is a type of keyboard that does not have a numeric keypad, which is usually found on the right side of a standard keyboard. This type of keyboard is often used in laptops, as it is more compact and takes up less space. It is also used in gaming keyboards, as it allows for more space for additional keys and features. TKL keyboards are also popular for their ergonomic design, as they are more comfortable to use for long periods of time. They are also more affordable than full-sized keyboards, making them a great choice for budget-conscious users.

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