Sparkle and ASRock leak Intel Arc A580 8GB graphics card, igniting excitement.

October 4, 2023

Intel's long-awaited Arc A580 graphics card is reportedly on its way to the market soon, with ASRock and Sparkle preparing for its launch and the card appearing on the Geizhals price comparison site.

  • The A580 is equipped with 24 Xe-Cores, making it compatible only with the ACM-G10 Alchemist GPU.
  • ASRock and Sparkle, two important hardware manufacturers, seem to be preparing for the imminent launch of the A580.
  • The A580 has a lower TDP of 175W compared to the A7 series, which has a 225W TDP.

Intel’s long-awaited Arc A580 graphics card may finally be hitting the market soon. The launch of this GPU has been delayed for over a year since its initial announcement, causing some skepticism about its release. However, recent developments suggest that the A580 is indeed on its way.

The A580 is equipped with 24 Xe-Cores, making it compatible only with the ACM-G10 Alchemist GPU. Intel has also introduced the G11 and G12 models with different core configurations, but they do not support the A580 GPU unless there have been changes to the specifications.

ASRock and Sparkle, two important hardware manufacturers, seem to be preparing for the imminent launch of the A580. The card has appeared on the Geizhals price comparison site, and there is even a snapshot of the Sparkle A580 Orc GPU. Both models are reported to feature 8GB of memory, aligning with Intel’s announcement from a year ago.

ASRock’s Challenger OC model shares similarities with the A750 version, including dual 8-pin power connectors. However, the A580 has a lower TDP of 175W compared to the A7 series, which has a 225W TDP. It is designed to fit into a full-sized PCIe 4.0×16 slot and is expected to have a GPU clock speed of 2.0 GHz, unless there have been any alterations to the specifications.

Similarly, Sparkle’s A580 ORC follows the design of the A750 ORC, featuring a dual-fan cooler and dual 8-pin power connectors. The card will sport Sparkle’s iconic blue shroud design, with matching blue power connectors.

Given the challenges faced by Intel’s Arc A7 series in competing with AMD and nVidia’s latest products, it was not unreasonable to suspect that the A580 might have been quietly canceled. However, if it does launch, it could potentially become the most affordable 8GB model on the market.

The recent leak from Sparkle and ASRock suggests that the A580’s launch is imminent. Intel has not announced any public events for the release, indicating that it may opt for a low-key introduction. Stay tuned for more updates on the availability of the Intel Arc A580 GPU.


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GPU: GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit and is a specialized type of processor designed to handle graphics-intensive tasks. It is used in the computer industry to render images, videos, and 3D graphics. GPUs are used in gaming consoles, PCs, and mobile devices to provide a smooth and immersive gaming experience. They are also used in the medical field to create 3D models of organs and tissues, and in the automotive industry to create virtual prototypes of cars. GPUs are also used in the field of artificial intelligence to process large amounts of data and create complex models. GPUs are becoming increasingly important in the computer industry as they are able to process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.

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