SCUF Gaming Introduces SCUF Envision: The Revolutionary PC Controller You’ve Been Waiting For

October 13, 2023

SCUF Gaming Introduces SCUF Envision: The Revolutionary PC Controller You’ve Been Waiting For

Summary: SCUF Gaming has launched its revolutionary new line of PC controllers, SCUF Envision, offering unprecedented levels of control and customization for PC gamers to gain a competitive advantage.

  • 11 extra remappable inputs compared to standard controllers
  • Five fully programmable G-Keys for convenient access to any PC shortcut
  • Innovative mechanical ABXY and D-Pad buttons for crisp and responsive inputs

SCUF Gaming, the pioneer in high-performance gaming controllers, has just launched its revolutionary new line of PC controllers called SCUF Envision. Designed specifically for PC gamers, SCUF Envision sets a new standard for customization and technology in the PC gaming world. This controller offers an unprecedented level of control, giving PC gamers a significant competitive advantage with its additional control options that have made SCUF controllers synonymous with competitive gaming. With 11 extra remappable inputs compared to standard controllers, gamers can create a personalized layout that suits their unique playstyle and ensures every control is easily accessible when it matters most.

Bertrand Chevalier, the General Manager of SCUF Gaming, expressed their vision to provide PC gamers who prefer using a controller with the best possible experience in their favorite games. He highlighted that before Envision, players had to settle for subpar performance on controllers that were not optimized for PC gaming. However, with Envision, gamers now have more control and faster responses on a platform tailor-made for PC.

SCUF Envision showcases its versatility with five fully programmable G-Keys that offer convenient access to any PC shortcut. Additionally, the controller features two Side Action (SAX) buttons that unlock new possibilities in game configurations, along with four integrated back paddles for quicker reactions and enhanced control in your favorite games. Switching weapons, jumping, or sliding can now be done without taking your thumbs off the thumbsticks. You can even launch apps, mute your microphone, or start your stream without ever letting go of the controller.

What sets SCUF Envision apart is its innovative mechanical ABXY and D-Pad buttons that provide crisp and responsive inputs. For those using SCUF Envision Pro, Adjustable Instant Triggers allow gamers to switch between mouse-like clicks for quick FPS shots and the full trigger range for RPG and racing-style games. The controller’s hyper-fast connectivity ensures seamless and lag-free inputs, with Envision Pro offering ultra-low-latency Corsair SLIPSTREAM Wireless Technology for an advanced PC gaming experience free from wires.

Bertrand Chevalier emphasized SCUF’s history of being at the forefront of performance controllers, introducing back-control functions back in 2011 and consistently bringing innovation to the category. Being a part of the Corsair family has allowed SCUF to combine the best of both brands and create the ultimate controller experience for PC gamers. SCUF Envision represents the next evolution of gaming controllers, delivering greater precision and performance than ever before.

SCUF Envision seamlessly integrates with the power of Corsair iCUE software, enabling gamers to customize thumbstick and trigger response curves from the same interface they use for their entire PC setup. Players can also synchronize the controller’s RGB light strip with the rest of their battlestation, creating a stunning gaming atmosphere that takes their experience to new heights.

With SCUF Envision, you have extraordinary versatility and personalization at your fingertips. It offers more control, finesse, and performance to elevate your game to new levels.

SCUF Envision is compatible with Windows 10 PCs and will be available starting at $129.99, while Envision Pro starts at $179.99. Both controllers will be released on October 12th and can be purchased from select retailers or directly from SCUF Gaming’s website. Stay tuned for upcoming customizable color and design variants of SCUF Envision.

SCUF Gaming Introduces SCUF Envision: The Revolutionary PC Controller You’ve Been Waiting For

SCUF Gaming Introduces SCUF Envision: The Revolutionary PC Controller You’ve Been Waiting For

SCUF Gaming Introduces SCUF Envision: The Revolutionary PC Controller You’ve Been Waiting For


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