Minisforum introduces AMD’s “Hawk Point” 3-in-1 tablet featuring a stunning 14-inch 165Hz display

October 30, 2023 by our News Team

The Minisforum V3 tablet is set to launch early next year, featuring an AMD Ryzen 8000 CPU, 14-inch QHD+ 165Hz display, and versatile functionality.

  • AMD Ryzen 8000 CPU
  • 14-inch display with 2.5K resolution and 165Hz refresh rate
  • Powered by AMD Hawk Point APU

AMD Ryzen 8000, the highly anticipated CPU from AMD, is set to make its debut in the upcoming Minisforum V3 tablet. Codenamed Hawk Point, this powerful processor was accidentally revealed in a previous press statement by Minisforum. The tablet will run on the Windows operating system and falls into the 3-in-1 product category, similar to Microsoft’s Surface Duo.

The Minisforum V3 offers versatile functionality, acting as a standalone tablet or transforming into a notebook with the addition of a keyboard. It can even be used as an external monitor. Notably, the tablet features a stunning 14-inch display with a 2.5K resolution, likely at 2560×1600. What sets it apart is the impressive 165Hz Refresh Rate, ensuring smooth and fluid visuals. A preview video shared on X platform showcases this remarkable display.

Under the hood, the Minisforum V3 is powered by the AMD Hawk Point APU, operating within a power range of 22 to 28 watts. This architecture represents a refinement of the Phoenix architecture, incorporating the AMD Zen4 architecture with integrated RDNA3 graphics. The Hawk Point APU is known for its performance and is commonly found in handheld gaming consoles like the ROG Ally and Legion Go. It’s important to note that this tablet utilizes the standard APU variant, not the gaming-focused Ryzen Z1.

For those who prefer a smaller screen size, Minisforum has confirmed that they are working on a 7 to 8 inch device as well. The Minisforum V3 is expected to launch early next year alongside AMD’s new Ryzen 8000 series, of which Hawk Point is rumored to be a part of.

Here are the key specifications of the Minisforum V3 tablet:

– Processor: AMD Hawk Point 22-28W

– Storage: 6400 MHz

– Ports: 2 x USB4, 1 x 3.5mm Audio Jack, 1 x SD UHS-II, 1 x Type-C DP-in Only

– Connectivity: Wi-Fi 6E & BT 5.2

– Fingerprint Power button integration

– Display: 14 inch QHD+ 165Hz

– Speaker: 2x high speakers, 2x low speakers

– Camera: 2M Front, Windows Hello 5M Rear

– Battery: ≥ 50Wh

– Security: Fingerprint & Windows Hello

– Stylus: MPP2.0 4096 Pressure Level

Excitement is building for the Minisforum V3 tablet, which promises to deliver impressive performance and versatility with the AMD Ryzen 8000 CPU at its core. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting device.

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APU: An APU, or Accelerated Processing Unit, is a type of processor that combines a CPU and a GPU on a single chip. This type of processor is becoming increasingly popular in the computer industry due to its ability to provide both computing and graphics processing power in a single package. APUs are used in a variety of applications, from gaming PCs to high-end workstations. They are also used in embedded systems, such as those found in smartphones and tablets. The combination of CPU and GPU on a single chip allows for more efficient power consumption and better performance than traditional CPUs. Additionally, APUs are often used in conjunction with other components, such as RAM and storage, to create powerful and efficient systems.

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Wi-Fi 6E: WiFi 6E is the latest iteration of the WiFi standard, offering faster speeds and improved performance. It is designed to take advantage of the newly available 6GHz frequency band, which is much less congested than the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. This means that WiFi 6E can provide faster speeds and more reliable connections, even in crowded areas. It is also more secure, as it uses the latest encryption standards. In the computer industry, WiFi 6E can be used to provide faster and more reliable connections for laptops, tablets, and other devices. It can also be used to provide better coverage in large buildings, such as offices and universities. Additionally, it can be used to provide better connections for streaming services, such as Netflix and Hulu, as well as for gaming.

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