Intel’s 15th Gen Arrow Lake CPUs Set to Pair with Alder/Raptor Lake Coolers

October 25, 2023

Intel's upcoming 15th Gen Arrow Lake CPUs promise improved performance, advanced features, and compatibility with existing coolers, making them a promising upgrade for desktop users.

  • Compatible with existing AIO coolers
  • Higher PCIe Gen 5 lane counts
  • Thunderbolt 5 connectivity

Intel has recently faced some disappointment with the launch of its 14th Gen desktop CPUs. These chips, which are essentially a refresh of the 13th Gen Raptor Lake family, offer similar performance but at higher prices. Understandably, this has left many consumers feeling frustrated. However, Intel’s true 14th Gen lineup is yet to come in the form of the 15th Gen Arrow Lake family.

The official launch date for the Arrow Lake CPUs is set for H2 2024, with rumors suggesting it will be closer to the end of the year. This new lineup will mark the end of the LGA-1700 platform after three generations of hybrid processors. The Arrow Lake CPUs will introduce the new LGA1851 socket and the 800-series chipsets. Notably, these processors will only support DDR5 memory, offer higher PCIe Gen 5 lane counts, faster memory speeds, and even Thunderbolt 5 connectivity.

One particularly interesting aspect of the Arrow Lake CPUs is that they will be compatible with the same CPU Coolers used for Alder and Raptor Lake. This was discovered by Albert Thomas, who found documentation for many new All-in-One (AIO) coolers designed for the 15th Gen CPUs and the accompanying LGA1851 socket. In other words, any AIO coolers released since the launch of Alder Lake in Q4 2021 will work seamlessly with the upcoming Arrow Lake CPUs.

This compatibility between coolers is great news for consumers who have already invested in AIO cooling solutions for their current Intel processors. It means that when they decide to upgrade to the Arrow Lake CPUs, they won’t have to worry about purchasing new coolers or dealing with compatibility issues. This seamless transition will not only save them money but also make the upgrade process much smoother.

Overall, Intel’s 15th Gen Arrow Lake CPUs hold promise for those eagerly awaiting the next generation of desktop processors. With improved performance, advanced features, and compatibility with existing coolers, these CPUs are poised to deliver a satisfying user experience. While the disappointment surrounding the 14th Gen launch may still linger, Intel seems determined to make amends with the upcoming Arrow Lake lineup.


Background Information

About Intel: Intel Corporation, a global technology leader, is for its semiconductor innovations that power computing and communication devices worldwide. As a pioneer in microprocessor technology, Intel has left an indelible mark on the evolution of computing with its processors that drive everything from PCs to data centers and beyond. With a history of advancements, Intel's relentless pursuit of innovation continues to shape the digital landscape, offering solutions that empower businesses and individuals to achieve new levels of productivity and connectivity.

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Technology Explained

CPU: The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the brain of a computer, responsible for executing instructions and performing calculations. It is the most important component of a computer system, as it is responsible for controlling all other components. CPUs are used in a wide range of applications, from desktop computers to mobile devices, gaming consoles, and even supercomputers. CPUs are used to process data, execute instructions, and control the flow of information within a computer system. They are also used to control the input and output of data, as well as to store and retrieve data from memory. CPUs are essential for the functioning of any computer system, and their applications in the computer industry are vast.

DDR5: DDR5 (Double Data Rate 5) is the next generation of memory technology for the computer industry. It is a modern day improvement on earlier DDR technologies, with faster speeds, greater bandwidth and higher capacities. DDR5 enables higher resolution, seamless gaming experiences and faster data transfer rates, making it an ideal choice for high-performance computing and 4K gaming. With its greater RAM compatibility, DDR5 provides faster buffering times and raised clock speeds, giving users an improved overall work system. DDR5 is also optimized for multi-tasking, allowing users to multitask without experiencing a significant drop in performance, increasing the productivity of digital tasks. As an ever-evolving technology, DDR5 is paving the way for the computer industry into a new and powerful era.

PCIe: PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) is a high-speed serial computer expansion bus standard for connecting components such as graphics cards, sound cards, and network cards to a motherboard. It is the most widely used interface in the computer industry today, and is used in both desktop and laptop computers. PCIe is capable of providing up to 16 times the bandwidth of the older PCI standard, allowing for faster data transfer speeds and improved performance. It is also used in a variety of other applications, such as storage, networking, and communications. PCIe is an essential component of modern computing, and its applications are only expected to grow in the future.

Thunderbolt 5: Thunderbolt 5 is the latest iteration of Intel's Thunderbolt technology, which is a high-speed connection interface that enables data transfer between computers and peripherals. Thunderbolt 5 is the fastest version of Thunderbolt yet, with speeds up to 120 Gbps, and it is also the most versatile, with up to 240W of power delivery. Thunderbolt 5 is ideal for connecting high-performance peripherals such as external storage drives, docks, and displays. It is also ideal for connecting multiple computers together for high-speed data transfer and collaboration. Thunderbolt 5 is backward compatible with Thunderbolt 4 and USB4 devices, so users can connect their existing devices to Thunderbolt 5 ports without any problems.

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