Intel’s 14th Gen Core series signals the farewell to “Core i” branding.

October 18, 2023 by our News Team

Intel has announced the end of its "Core i" branding scheme with the 14th Gen Core series, introducing a new naming system similar to AMD's Ryzen tiering system and the upcoming "Core Ultra 200" nomenclature.

  • Intel is introducing a new naming system, similar to AMD's Ryzen tiering system.
  • The 14th Gen Core series will include mobile chips for high-end gaming laptops.
  • The next generation of Intel Core CPUs for desktops may involve nomenclature like "Core Ultra 200."

Intel has officially announced that its upcoming 14th Gen Core series, known as Raptor Lake Refresh, will mark the end of its old branding scheme. The familiar “Core i” naming convention will be replaced by a new naming system, similar to AMD’s Ryzen tiering system. This decision was made in response to rumors of unusual branding like Core 1002H and Core Ultra 100H.

The unveiling of the i9-14900k, i7-14700k, and i5-14600k series signifies the conclusion of an era, as these are the last models to bear the old branding. The 14th Gen Core series will also include mobile chips for high-end gaming Laptops, as part of the HX 55W series. Intel plans to release 65W models for desktops in early 2024, marking the end of this particular generation.

With the next generation of Intel Core CPUs for desktops, we can expect a fresh branding scheme. This may involve nomenclature like “Core Ultra 200,” where the “Ultra” designation indicates the use of new silicon technology. CPUs without the “Ultra” identifier may continue to be based on previous generations, similar to what we’re seeing in the mobile lineup.

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