Intel Core i9-14900K Delidding Technique Cuts CPU Temperature by 12°C: A Game-Changer in Cooling

October 24, 2023 by our News Team

Der8auer's delidding experiment of Intel's Core i9-14900K CPU reveals slight improvements in clock speeds and power consumption, with no significant physical changes observed.

  • Delidding the Core i9-14900K CPU resulted in a significant reduction in power consumption.
  • The use of a contact frame to improve CPU package uniformity and enhance contact with the CPU cooler resulted in an additional 1.7°C temperature drop.
  • Enthusiasts and advanced users can benefit from delidding and optimizing their cooling solutions for improved efficiency.

Der8auer, a well-known figure in the tech industry, has recently delidded the Core i9-14900k CPU from Intel’s 14th Gen Core series. His findings shed light on the fact that this new lineup is essentially a minor refresh of the existing Raptor Lake chips, with only slight improvements such as higher clock speeds for four out of the six new models. Interestingly, there were no significant physical changes observed in the new chips.

As the CEO of Thermal Grizzly, a German company specializing in CPU-related products, including delidding tools and thermal compounds, Der8auer took it upon himself to ensure compatibility between Intel’s new CPUs and his company’s products. Before diving into the delidding process, he established a baseline using a stock CPU. This involved employing a 360mm AIO cooling system from Corsair, fixed fan speeds and core frequencies, and DDR5-7600 XMP memory profile. The core settings were locked at a 56 ratio with a fixed v-core of 1.39V, along with a power calibration setting of load level 5, which can be considered a slight overclock.

Upon delidding the Core i9-14900K CPU and applying liquid metal, Der8auer noticed a significant reduction in power consumption. Prior to delidding, the CPU peaked at 294W, but after the process, it dropped by 10W. This decrease can be attributed to considerably lower temperatures, which even surprised Der8auer himself, as he initially expected only marginal temperature differences. It’s worth mentioning that the Core i9-14900K is known for its high power consumption, a drawback that has been highlighted by various reviewers.

With the delidding process completed, the CPU’s temperature decreased from 93.1°C to 83.2°C. The use of a contact frame to improve CPU package uniformity and enhance contact with the CPU cooler resulted in an additional 1.7°C temperature drop.

Delidding, especially on newer CPUs that are soldered, is a complex process. While there are tools available to simplify it, there is always the risk of voiding the warranty on a $600 part. Users have the option of exploring more capable cooling solutions or even considering alternatives like using their old Coolers with a Ryzen 7 7800X3D CPU, which consumes only one-third of the power under load compared to the Core i9-14900K.

In conclusion, Der8auer’s delidding experiment provides valuable insights into the Core i9-14900K CPU’s power consumption and temperature performance. While the new Intel series may not offer changes, enthusiasts and advanced users can still benefit from delidding and optimizing their cooling solutions for improved efficiency.

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