Elgato Introduces Innovative Teleprompter, a Game-Changer in the World of Video Production

October 21, 2023 by our News Team

Elgato's Prompter revolutionizes video production by making professional video creation accessible to all, with a built-in 9" screen, compatibility with a wide range of webcams, cameras, and smartphones, and features such as Camera Hub software and Stream Deck integration.

  • Compact teleprompter designed to make professional video creation accessible to all
  • Built-in 9" screen eliminates the need for an extra tablet or smartphone
  • Unmatched compatibility with a wide range of webcams, cameras, and smartphones

Elgato, a brand of Corsair, is revolutionizing video production with the introduction of the Elgato Prompter. This compact teleprompter is designed to make professional video creation accessible to all, allowing creators to connect with their audience through natural eye contact. Powered by a computer and equipped with Elgato’s free Camera Hub software, Prompter can display video scripts or stream chat seamlessly. It also offers the convenience of mirroring any window or app, such as Zoom meetings, with a simple drag and drop feature. What sets Prompter apart from other teleprompters is its built-in 9″ screen, eliminating the need for an extra tablet or smartphone.

With the Elgato Prompter, content creators of all kinds can now easily incorporate teleprompting into their workflow, resulting in better content and stronger communities. Twitch streamers can engage with their audience while maintaining eye contact with the camera, enhancing live conversations. YouTubers can stay on script during recordings, reducing the need for reshoots and editing time. The Camera Hub software allows for complete customization of Prompter’s display and text appearance, and it even integrates with Elgato’s Stream Deck for additional control options.

Not only does Prompter benefit creators, but it also offers advantages for professionals. It serves as an excellent tool for virtual presentations and acts as an icebreaker for video calls. By simply dragging and dropping their Zoom or Microsoft Teams app onto Prompter’s screen, users can ensure professional eye contact by aligning the app directly in front of their camera. Additionally, Prompter allows users to watch important events, like sports matches, without sacrificing monitor space by dragging a browser window onto the screen.

One of the standout features of the Elgato Prompter is its unmatched compatibility with a wide range of webcams, cameras, and smartphones. This means that creators and professionals can likely use the camera they already have at home or in the office with Prompter. Setting up the teleprompter is a breeze thanks to interchangeable backplates and a single-cable USB connection. For optimal performance, pairing Prompter with other Elgato products, such as the Facecam Pro, is recommended.

Excitingly, Elgato fans can now get their hands on the Prompter and experience its game-changing capabilities for themselves. To learn more about the Elgato Prompter and its features, visit the official webpage at https://www.elgato.com/p/prompter.

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