EK introduces Quantum Torsion A60: Pioneering Matrix7 PC Case Revolutionizes Computing

October 4, 2023

EK introduces Quantum Torsion A60: Pioneering Matrix7 PC Case Revolutionizes Computing

Summary: EK introduces the limited edition EK-Quantum Torsion A60 PC case, crafted from CNC-milled aluminium and designed for liquid-cooled builds, offering impressive features and a unique handle milled out of the top.

  • Constructed entirely from CNC-milled aluminium, weighing approximately 22 kg
  • Integrated D5-powered distribution plate
  • Tempered glass side panel and integrated vertical GPU bracket

EK, the manufacturer of premium water cooling gear, is excited to unveil the limited edition EK-Quantum Torsion A60 PC case, specially designed for liquid-cooled builds. This exceptional case is constructed entirely from CNC-milled aluminium, weighing approximately 22 kg. The EK-Quantum Torsion A60 goes beyond being just a case; it makes a bold statement. With its machined channels for custom-sleeved cables and an integrated D5-powered distribution plate, it is truly a marvel for water-cooling enthusiasts. This mid-tower case supports up to three medium-thick EK-Quantum Surface P360 radiators and offers a range of impressive features, including a tempered glass side panel, an integrated vertical GPU bracket, and compatibility with ATX and E-ATX motherboards.

Crafted from 6082 aluminium alloy using state-of-the-art CNC machining, the EK-Quantum Torsion A60 showcases exceptional strength and corrosion resistance. Its durability is matched by its refined elegance, thanks to its meticulously engineered design. Hex screws hold every piece together, allowing for easy disassembly, customization, and modification.

Available in two color options, satin Black or satin Silver, the EK-Quantum Torsion A60 features a semi-open design with a unique handle milled out of the top, providing convenient mobility. Its minimalist yet striking appearance, accentuated by the sleek aluminium finish, ensures that it becomes the centerpiece of any environment. The tempered glass side panel beautifully showcases the internal components, allowing you to proudly exhibit your water-cooling masterpiece. Stylish aluminium thumbscrews securely hold the panel in place.

The EK-Quantum Torsion A60 is a limited edition case, with only 777 units produced. Out of these, two-thirds will be Black and one-third Silver. Each chassis will bear a serial number engraved on a plate near the top of the motherboard tray, adding a touch of exclusivity to your build.

This case offers cable channels with aluminium cable holders, allowing you to achieve a clean and clutter-free build. The thick aluminium motherboard tray features grooves for essential power cables, including twin 8-pin CPU EPS cables, up to three 8-pin PCIe power cables for the GPU or 12VHPWR cables, and an ATX 24-pin motherboard cable. Each custom-sleeved cable fits into its own channel, and the case includes different cable holders for standard 8-pin PCIe-based GPU connectors and 12VHPWR connectors.

For those who prefer not to sleeve their own cables, EK recommends a few cable-sleeving experts who specialize in making custom cables, such as Bespoke BAKA, Pexon-PCs & Pexon Audio, PCHM PC Hardware & Modding, Hardwire, OREIONcustom, and Sleeving-Japan.

The EK-Quantum Torsion A60 also features an integrated premium distribution plate that combines a pump, reservoir, and multiple industry-standard G1/4″ threaded inlets and outlets. The placement of these inlets and outlets is precisely aligned with other EK Quantum products, thanks to the EK-Matrix7 concept. This ensures easy tube routing and creates a clean and organized loop with perfectly straight tubes. The built-in addressable 14-LED strip on the distribution plate can be synchronized with popular RGB software, allowing for a coordinated lighting effect throughout your system.

Equipped with a PWM-controlled D5 pump of the latest G3 variant, the EK-Quantum Torsion A60 offers exceptional reliability and performance while maintaining minimal noise levels. The pump is covered by the premium aesthetic cover EK-Quantum Convection, CNC-machined from pure aluminium.

Following the EK-Matrix7 standard, this case seamlessly integrates with the Quantum product lineup, making liquid cooling loop assembly easier and more intuitive. It supports up to three EK-Quantum Surface P360 radiators, ensuring efficient cooling for high-end hardware. The radiators can be mounted using special push-in fittings, available separately in various finishes. Additionally, EK-Quantum Surface S360 or shorter versions can be used with 14 mm Male-Female extenders if slimmer radiators are preferred. It’s worth noting that this case exclusively supports EK-Quantum Surface radiators.

To eliminate GPU sag and enhance aesthetics, the EK-Quantum Torsion A60 comes with an integrated vertical GPU bracket, meticulously milled out of aluminium. This bracket can withstand the weight of water-blocked Graphics Cards, ensuring a visually pleasing build.

For convenience, the chassis includes an optional external power button on the back, which can be hidden if you prefer to use the motherboard power button.

In terms of dimensions, the EK-Quantum Torsion A60 measures 485 x 276 x 476 mm (H x W x L) and is compatible with ATX and E-ATX motherboards. It can accommodate GPUs up to 400mm in length, with a suggested width of 160mm (though not mandatory). The case also supports up to three EK-Quantum Surface P360 radiators.

The EK-Quantum Torsion A60 Limited Edition case is available for pre-orders through the EK Webshop and partner reseller network. Shipping is expected to commence in mid-November 2023. The manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), including VAT, is provided in the table below:


EK has once again demonstrated its commitment to delivering premium water cooling solutions with the introduction of the EK-Quantum Torsion A60 Limited Edition case. With its exceptional build quality, innovative features, and stunning design, this case is set to become a coveted choice among water-cooling enthusiasts.


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