Make Way Demo to Make Explosive Debut at Steam Next Fest

October 10, 2023 by our News Team

Ice Beam Games and Secret Mode's Make Way is a chaotic multiplayer racing game that allows up to four players to build their own tracks and battle for the finish line with weapons and obstacles.

  • Supports up to 4 players online or locally
  • Mix-and-match feature allows for near-infinite course configurations
  • Customization options to adjust chaos levels

Indie developer Ice Beam Games and publisher Secret Mode are revving up the excitement with their chaotic multiplayer “DIY racer” Make Way, which is making its debut at Steam Next Fest today. This adrenaline-fueled game supports 1-4 players and offers a sneak peek into the thrilling mayhem that awaits in the full version, set to release later this year on PC, Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, XBOX Series X|S, and XBOX One.

The Make Way demo allows up to four players to engage in intense battles either online or locally. Players can choose between Race mode, where they focus on constructing tracks and racing to the finish line, or Classic mode, which injects weapons and obstacles into the mix for an even more chaotic experience. The demo provides a taste of the available track pieces, obstacles, and vehicles, with additional unlockables for those who dive into the demo and even more surprises in the final release.

To get a taste of the action, you can access the Make Way demo right now on Steam.

Make Way is a classic top-down multiplayer racing game that takes the genre to new heights. Players can select track pieces from a diverse menu and seamlessly snap them together to build their own unique courses. As they speed towards the finish line, they must dodge hazards, utilize weaponry, and avoid falling off the edge in a rush of adrenaline. After each round, players can bolt on new track pieces to create fresh challenges on brand-new tracks.

The game offers endless possibilities with its mix-and-match feature, allowing players to combine unique track pieces and hazards to create near-infinite course configurations. Engage in fierce battles to secure weapons and power-ups that provide a competitive edge. Unlock new track pieces and vehicles to add even more excitement to your races. Whether you prefer local or online multiplayer, Make Way caters to up to four players and supports cross-platform play.

Customization is key in Make Way, as players can adjust the chaos levels according to their preferences. Take control of safety barriers, hazard placement, and more, to create a race that suits your style.

With its high-octane gameplay and endless possibilities, Make Way promises to be a thrilling multiplayer racing experience. So buckle up and get ready to embrace the chaos when it launches later this year.

Make Way Demo to Make Explosive Debut at Steam Next Fest

Make Way Demo to Make Explosive Debut at Steam Next Fest

Make Way Demo to Make Explosive Debut at Steam Next Fest

Make Way Demo to Make Explosive Debut at Steam Next Fest

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