AZZA introduces Cube 240 and Cube 360 Liquid Coolers, Redefining Performance

October 11, 2023 by our News Team

AZZA has launched two new all-in-one liquid coolers, the Cube 360 and Cube 240, featuring an eye-catching cube-shaped water block, a powerful 4000 RPM pump, and improved radiator fins for superior heat dissipation.

  • Eye-catching cube-shaped water block with brushed aluminum and three-dimensional pyramid-shaped ARGB LEDs
  • 4000 RPM pump with a flow rate of 96L/h and a water pressure of 1.5mH2O
  • Rectangular fins for enhanced welding strength and larger surface area for superior heat dissipation

Azza, a important player in the computer hardware industry, has launched its latest additions to the All-in-One liquid cooler lineup – the Cube 360 and Cube 240. These new models feature a radiator design with an embedded pump, as well as a square fin design with reinforced edges for enhanced heat dissipation.

One of the standout features of the AZZA Cube 360 and Cube 240 is the eye-catching cube-shaped water block. Topped with brushed aluminum and adorned with three-dimensional pyramid-shaped ARGB LEDs, this water block not only looks impressive but also offers compatibility with a wide range of AMD and Intel socket designs.

The hidden gem within the radiator is the small yet powerful 4000 RPM pump, capable of delivering an impressive flow rate of 96L/h and a water pressure of 1.5mH2O. The single-piece impeller design minimizes vibration and ensures long-lasting durability.

AZZA has also made significant improvements to the radiator fins. The rectangular fins not only enhance overall welding strength and minimize vibration but also provide a larger surface area for superior heat dissipation. Additionally, rectangular enhancement folds on both ends of the fins improve resistance against pressure and bending, protecting them from accidental damage during installation.

The water channels in the AZZA Cube 360 and Cube 240 have received a complete overhaul as well. With the addition of 12 water channels, each measuring 2 mm in width, the cross-sectional area of the liquid and radiator is expanded by an impressive 46.7%. This results in a 33% increase in water flow compared to previous models.

To complement these exceptional cooling capabilities, the Cube 360 and Cube 240 come equipped with 120 mm ARGB vortex fans. These fans boast speeds of up to 2000 RPM and provide an airflow of 65.2 CFM while operating silently below 34 dB(A). Whether you’re a hardcore gamer pushing your CPU to its limits or a PC enthusiast looking to create a visually stunning setup, both the Cube 360 and Cube 240 are sure to be valuable additions.

The AZZA Cube 360 is currently available for $99.99, while the Cube 240 is priced at $79.99. With their innovative features and competitive pricing, these all-in-one liquid Coolers offer an enticing proposition for tech enthusiasts and PC builders alike.

AZZA introduces Cube 240 and Cube 360 Liquid Coolers, Redefining Performance

AZZA introduces Cube 240 and Cube 360 Liquid Coolers, Redefining Performance

AZZA introduces Cube 240 and Cube 360 Liquid Coolers, Redefining Performance

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