AQIRYS Introduces XO-1 ARGB Gaming Cases, Expanding Their Impressive Product Line

October 3, 2023 by our News Team

AQIRYS' XO-1 ARGB case is a sleek and stylish gaming case with powerful features, panoramic side panel, preinstalled 120mm ARGB PWM fans, and compatibility with various types of motherboards, offering exceptional gaming experience and customization options.

  • Panoramic side panel made of secure glass
  • Compatible with various types of motherboards
  • Modular I/O panel at the back

AQIRYS, a leading name in the gaming hardware industry, has just launched its latest creation, the XO-1 ARGB case. This sleek and stylish case comes in two color options, black and white, and is designed to complement AQIRYS’ range of high-end products. Drawing inspiration from a star located hundreds of light-years away, the XO-1 case combines minimalist aesthetics with powerful features to deliver an exceptional gaming experience.

Setting a new standard in design and functionality, the XO-1 ARGB case boasts a panoramic side panel made of secure glass, allowing users to easily access and admire the internal components without the need for any tools. The front panel is equipped with three preinstalled 120mm ARGB PWM fans, ensuring optimal airflow and adding a visually stunning effect to your setup. Constructed with SPCC steel, this case is built to last.

One of the standout features of the XO-1 ARGB case is its compatibility with various types of motherboards, offering flexibility in component selection. It can accommodate video cards up to 410mm in length, making it suitable for even the most demanding gamers. Additionally, the case supports diverse cooling options, including CPU Coolers up to 170mm in height and up to 14 120mm fans or a 360mm water cooling radiator.

Storage options are also generous, with slots for two 3.5″ HDDs and two 2.5″ SSDs, ensuring that gamers and content creators have ample space for their files. The XO-1 ARGB case also features an efficient cable management system, keeping everything neat and organized while improving airflow.

Available in black and white variants, the XO-1 ARGB case allows users to customize their setup according to their personal preferences. The case comes with an included video card support, reducing tension on the motherboard connector and enhancing system stability.

Innovation doesn’t stop there. The XO-1 ARGB case also boasts a modular I/O panel at the back, which can be reconfigured to fit mini-ATX or Micro-ATX motherboards, providing even more flexibility in component selection.

The XO-1 ARGB case is available now, with prices starting at €149.99 for the black variant and €159.99 for the white variant (VAT included). With its stunning design, top-notch functionality, and attention to detail, the XO-1 ARGB case is the perfect choice for any gaming enthusiast or content creator looking to build an incredible PC.

AQIRYS Introduces XO-1 ARGB Gaming Cases, Expanding Their Impressive Product Line

AQIRYS Introduces XO-1 ARGB Gaming Cases, Expanding Their Impressive Product Line

AQIRYS Introduces XO-1 ARGB Gaming Cases, Expanding Their Impressive Product Line

AQIRYS Introduces XO-1 ARGB Gaming Cases, Expanding Their Impressive Product Line

AQIRYS Introduces XO-1 ARGB Gaming Cases, Expanding Their Impressive Product Line

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About AQIRYS: AQIRYS specializes in IT products and gaming hardware, crafted by a passionate team with 15+ years of expertise in the industry, aiming to deliver dynamic, top-quality solutions tailored for PC gaming enthusiasts, leveraging extensive gaming experience and PC crafting expertise

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