Western Digital introduces high-performance NVMe SSD, expanding storage capacity for handheld gaming PCs.

September 12, 2023 by our News Team

Western Digital's WD_BLACK SN770M NVMe SSD is revolutionizing the handheld gaming experience with its high-performance storage, exclusive gaming features, and ample capacity for gamers to store their entire game library.

  • Provides gamers with the ability to expand their internal storage and carry their entire game library wherever they go
  • Offers exclusive gaming features such as PCIe Gen 4.0, Western Digital's nCache 4.0 technology, and Microsoft's DirectStorage support
  • Available in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacities, all backed by Western Digital's 5-year limited warranty

WD_BLACK™ from Western Digital is revolutionizing the handheld gaming PC experience with its new premium M.2 2230 solution, the WD_BLACK™ SN770M NVMeSSD. Designed specifically for today’s mobile gamers, this high-performance storage device is set to enhance the on-the-go gaming experience.

As the handheld gaming console market continues to grow, with an estimated 14.8 million units expected by 2027 according to Gartner, the demand for innovative storage solutions is on the rise. With game sizes increasing and regular updates becoming the norm, it’s crucial for gamers to have ample storage space on their handheld devices.

Eric Spanneut, Vice President of Client SSDs for Western Digital, explains the need for the WD_BLACK SN770M NVMe SSD: “With game sizes continually becoming larger, it’s easy for handheld game consoles to fill up over time with new games and regular updates. The new WD_BLACK SN770M NVMe SSD boosts available storage up to 2TB and is specifically designed to handle the peak performance of demanding games for handheld gaming PCs.”

The WD_BLACK SN770M NVMe SSD, in its compact M.2 2230 form-factor, provides gamers with the ability to expand their internal storage and carry their entire game library wherever they go. With capacities ranging up to 2TB, gamers now have more options to store their favorite titles, thanks to Western Digital’s trusted TLC 3D NAND technology.

This drive also offers exclusive gaming features such as PCIe Gen 4.0, Western Digital’s nCache 4.0 technology, and Microsoft’s DirectStorage support. These features ensure an immersive gaming experience with lightning-fast game installations and level loads, reaching speeds of up to 5,150 MB/s for the 1TB and 2TB models.

Leading gaming brands are already recognizing the value of the WD_BLACK SN770M NVMe SSD. Shawn Yen, Vice President of Gaming at ASUS, praises the drive’s compatibility with the ASUS ROG Ally: “The ROG Ally takes handheld gaming to new heights. AAA game titles reach over 150GB in size, so play more of your best games by expanding your internal storage with the WD_BLACK SN770M, a gaming-optimized mobile SSD for the ROG Ally.”

Renato Fragale, Senior Director of Product Management at AMD, also highlights the partnership between AMD and Western Digital in advancing the future of handheld gaming: “Our Ryzen Z1 Series processors are advancing the future of handheld gaming. The latest WD_BLACK SN770M NVMe SSDs will be yet another example of how AMD is working with leading partners to redefine the mobile gaming landscape.”

The WD_BLACK SN770M NVMe SSD is available in 500GB, 1TB, and 2TB capacities, all backed by Western Digital’s 5-year limited warranty. The 500GB model is currently available for purchase on Western Digital’s online store, as well as through various retailers and resellers, with a price tag of $74.99 (U.S. MSRP). The 1TB model is exclusively available on Western Digital’s online store and at Best Buy for $109.99 (U.S. MSRP). The 2TB model can be purchased exclusively at Best Buy for $219.99 (U.S. MSRP).

With its impressive storage capacity, lightning-fast speeds, and exclusive gaming features, the WD_BLACK SN770M NVMe SSD is set to become a must-have accessory for handheld gamers looking to maximize their gaming experience on the go.

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About AMD: AMD, a large player in the semiconductor industry is known for its powerful processors and graphic solutions, AMD has consistently pushed the boundaries of performance, efficiency, and user experience. With a customer-centric approach, the company has cultivated a reputation for delivering high-performance solutions that cater to the needs of gamers, professionals, and general users. AMD's Ryzen series of processors have redefined the landscape of desktop and laptop computing, offering impressive multi-core performance and competitive pricing that has challenged the dominance of its competitors. Complementing its processor expertise, AMD's Radeon graphics cards have also earned accolades for their efficiency and exceptional graphical capabilities, making them a favored choice among gamers and content creators. The company's commitment to innovation and technology continues to shape the client computing landscape, providing users with powerful tools to fuel their digital endeavors.

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About ASUS: ASUS, founded in 1989 by Ted Hsu, M.T. Liao, Wayne Hsieh, and T.H. Tung, has become a multinational tech giant known for its diverse hardware products. Spanning laptops, motherboards, graphics cards, and more, ASUS has gained recognition for its innovation and commitment to high-performance computing solutions. The company has a significant presence in gaming technology, producing popular products that cater to enthusiasts and professionals alike. With a focus on delivering and reliable technology, ASUS maintains its position as a important player in the industry.

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About Microsoft: Microsoft, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1975 in Redmond, Washington, USA, is a technology giant known for its wide range of software products, including the Windows operating system, Office productivity suite, and cloud services like Azure. Microsoft also manufactures hardware, such as the Surface line of laptops and tablets, Xbox gaming consoles, and accessories.

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About Western Digital: Western Digital, established in 1970, is a important data storage solutions provider known for its wide range of hard drives and solid-state drives. Catering to various applications, from personal computers to enterprise storage systems, Western Digital emphasizes data management and security. With a reputation for reliability and innovative solutions, the company has been pivotal in shaping the storage industry. Their products are trusted by individuals, businesses, and data centers worldwide

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Technology Explained

M.2: M.2, also known as Next Generation Form Factor (NGFF), is a computer expansion card format that is designed to replace the outdated mSATA standard. It is thinner and longer than mSATA, which gives it a much higher data transfer rate. The M.2 format measures 22mm in width and can measure up to 110mm in length. It uses the M-key and B-key connectors to interface with PC host systems, and can connect to both SATA III and PCIe for data transfer. Due to its small size, M.2 is often used for ultra-slim laptops and netbooks, as well as in embedded SSDs for tablets and other mobile devices. It is also becoming increasingly popular in the desktop computer industry, thanks to its compactness and fast transfer speeds. This makes M.2 ideal for gaming PCs, workstations, and other demanding applications that require high levels of data throughput.

NAND: NAND technology is a type of non-volatile memory that is used in many computer applications. It is a type of flash memory that is used to store data in a non-volatile manner, meaning that the data is not lost when the power is turned off. NAND technology is used in many computer applications, such as solid-state drives, USB flash drives, digital cameras, and memory cards. It is also used in many embedded systems, such as cell phones, tablets, and other consumer electronics. NAND technology is a reliable and cost-effective way to store data, making it a popular choice for many computer applications.

NVMe: Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) is a newly developed technology that has been gaining traction in the computer industry. This technology is a standard interface which allows for high-speed storage and retrieval of data from solid state drives (SSDs). NVMe is designed to increase the speed of data transfers in storage systems by enabling a direct connection to PCI Express (PCIe) bus, resulting in significantly faster access times compared to traditional interface protocols such SSDs. NVMe is particularly useful for applications that require lightning-fast access to large amounts of high-value data. NVMe-based SSDs are being widely adopted in the computer industry and are being employed to power data centers, high-end workstations, and gaming machines to support lightning-fast data processing and retrieval, which unlocks possibilities for machine learning, real-time analytics, edge computing, and other cutting-edge applications. NVMe is proving to be an invaluable tool in the field of computing, offering immense

PCIe: PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) is a high-speed serial computer expansion bus standard for connecting components such as graphics cards, sound cards, and network cards to a motherboard. It is the most widely used interface in the computer industry today, and is used in both desktop and laptop computers. PCIe is capable of providing up to 16 times the bandwidth of the older PCI standard, allowing for faster data transfer speeds and improved performance. It is also used in a variety of other applications, such as storage, networking, and communications. PCIe is an essential component of modern computing, and its applications are only expected to grow in the future.

SSD: A Solid State Drive (SSD) is a modern data storage device that employs flash memory technology to store data electronically. Unlike traditional hard disk drives (HDDs), SSDs have no moving parts, resulting in significantly faster read and write speeds. This leads to quicker boot times, faster application loading, and smoother overall system performance. SSDs are known for their durability, shock resistance, and energy efficiency, making them ideal for laptops, ultrabooks, and other portable devices. They come in various form factors, including 2.5-inch, M.2, and PCIe cards, and are favored for their reliability, quiet operation, and reduced heat generation

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