SOUNDBOKS introduces SOUNDBOKS 4: A Bluetooth Speaker Delivering Concert-worthy Sound and Power

September 25, 2023 by our News Team

SOUNDBOKS has launched the SOUNDBOKS 4, a powerful Bluetooth party speaker designed to deliver exceptional sound quality, industry-leading battery performance, and customizable Scandinavian design, perfect for those who seek powerful, immersive sound that ignites a passion for music and togetherness.

  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Industry-leading battery technology
  • Durable and customizable design

SOUNDBOKS, a important player in the Bluetooth party speaker market, has launched their latest offering, the SOUNDBOKS 4. This highly anticipated speaker is designed to surpass its competitors in both performance and durability. With its exceptional sound quality, industry-leading battery technology, and customizable Scandinavian design, the SOUNDBOKS 4 aims to amplify every party experience.

Jesper Theil Thomsen, co-founder and CEO of SOUNDBOKS, expressed his pride in the team’s achievements, stating that the SOUNDBOKS 4 incorporates their best innovations to date. This speaker is perfect for those who seek powerful, immersive sound that ignites a passion for music and togetherness.

To achieve outstanding sound quality, especially at high volumes, SOUNDBOKS has integrated state-of-the-art components and advanced acoustic engineering techniques into the SOUNDBOKS 4. With three powerful amplifiers driving custom-built speakers, this speaker delivers robust sound without compromising clarity or fidelity. The expertly tuned audio profiles ensure a well-balanced sonic experience, allowing every beat and melody to be heard with stunning precision.

One of the standout features of the SOUNDBOKS 4 is its dramatically improved battery performance. It offers up to 40 hours of non-stop music on a single charge, making it ideal for all-night dance parties, weekend camping trips, or outdoor celebrations. Additionally, SOUNDBOKS’ swappable battery platform ensures that users can keep the music playing for even longer without worrying about running out of power.

Christoffer Nyvold, co-founder and COO of SOUNDBOKS, emphasized the importance of their passionate community of SOUNDBOKS owners in driving product innovation. Over 80% of their community requested better sound quality and longer runtimes, which led the team to double down on improving these features.

Durability has always been a hallmark of SOUNDBOKS, and the SOUNDBOKS 4 continues this tradition. It is built to withstand the most grueling events, from multi-day outdoor music festivals to the wildest house parties. The speaker features a lightweight yet durable poplar cabinet, IP65 splash-proof electronics, and shock-absorbing silicon ball corners. Its dent-proof, powder-coated steel grill is now removable, allowing for easy customization. The SOUNDBOKS 4 also offers wireless pairing with up to four other speakers at ultra-low Latency, providing a more immersive sound experience.

For additional customization options and hands-free control, users can connect the SOUNDBOKS 4 with the versatile SOUNDBOKS App. This free app, available for download from any app store, enables wireless speaker control, built-in sound profiles, customizable EQ settings, instant pairing, Pro Panel control for instruments, seamless performance upgrades, and more.

The SOUNDBOKS 4 Bluetooth party speaker is now available for purchase at a retail price of $999. Interested buyers can find it on the SOUNDBOKS website and select retail partners.

SOUNDBOKS introduces SOUNDBOKS 4: A Bluetooth Speaker Delivering Concert-worthy Sound and Power

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