Intel’s Starfield GPU driver set for release next week, AMD and NVIDIA ahead.

September 1, 2023

Intel's highly anticipated game, Starfield, is set to launch next week, but Intel ARC GPU users are facing major issues with the early access version, including game crashes, long loading times, and high memory consumption.

  • Intel has acknowledged the issues and is working on a solution.
  • NVIDIA and AMD have already released optimized drivers for Starfield.
  • Intel is working to provide a stable driver for their ARC GPUs by September 6th.

Intel’s highly anticipated game, Starfield, is set to launch next week. However, gamers who have early access to the game with Intel Arc Graphics Cards are facing some major issues. These players have reported problems such as the game failing to start or taking an excessively long time to load. Additionally, the game consumes a significant amount of memory while running in the background, causing performance issues. In some cases, the game even crashes within minutes of starting.

Intel has acknowledged these issues and has assured users that they are working on a solution. However, the fix will not be available until next week when the game officially releases. It is surprising that Intel did not have access to the early build of the game that was provided to the media last week, considering their stature in the industry.

In contrast, nVidia had already released an optimized driver for Starfield ten days ago, while AMD, the game’s sponsor, also released a driver this week. This puts Intel at a disadvantage as gamers using NVIDIA or AMD graphics cards can enjoy a smoother gaming experience right from the start.

Hopefully, by September 6th, when Starfield becomes available to all players, Intel will have resolved these issues and provided a stable driver for their ARC GPUs. Until then, gamers with Intel ARC graphics cards will have to exercise patience and wait for a more enjoyable gaming experience.


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