Intel’s 14th Gen Core i9-14900K, i7-14700K, and i5-14600K set to debut on October 17th

September 11, 2023 by our News Team

Intel is set to release its 14th Gen Core desktop lineup, codenamed Raptor Lake Refresh, on October 17th, featuring six models from the K and KF-series with unlocked 125W TDPs and improved performance and features.

  • Six models from the K and KF-series available on release
  • 125W TDP models available
  • Improved performance and features

Intel’s highly anticipated 14th Gen Core desktop lineup, codenamed Raptor Lake Refresh, is set to be announced in just over a week. However, as is customary for Intel, the CPUs won’t hit the market until a month later. According to our sources, the new series is slated for release on October 17th, with availability for purchase and reviews going live on that day. Intel has also imposed an ‘ad’ embargo on October 16th, hinting at potential preorders from retail partners.

It’s worth noting that the initial release will include six models from the K and KF-series. These models include the Core i9-14900k (24-cores), Core i7-14700k (20-cores), and Core i5-14600k (14-cores), along with their respective KF variants that lack integrated graphics support. All of these CPUs are unlocked 125W TDP models. Non-K series variants with TDPs of 65W and lower are expected to arrive around CES 2024 next year.

Intel is gearing up to unveil the Raptor Lake Refresh series at Innovation 2023, now scheduled for September 19th. Alongside this release, the company is expected to announce other products, such as the mobile Core 100 Ultra lineup (codenamed “Meteor Lake”) and potentially some mobile rebrands from the Raptor Lake Refresh series. Additionally, there are hopes for updates on Intel’s Arc GPUs, particularly in light of the new ACM-G12 GPU’s availability and the delayed launch of the Arc A580 GPU, which has been postponed for almost a year.

Here are the specifications for the Intel 14th Gen Core K-Series CPUs:

– Intel Core i9-14900K

– Intel Core i7-14700K

– Intel Core i5-14600K

Package: LGA 1700

Cores / Threads: P-Cores / E-Cores

TDP: 125W

Base Core Frequency: Intel Thermal Velocity Boost Frequency

Intel TBMT3 Frequency: N/A

P-Core Max Turbo Frequency: N/A

E-Core Max Turbo Frequency: Intel Smart Cache

Exciting times lie ahead for Intel enthusiasts, as the release of the Raptor Lake Refresh series promises improved performance and features. Stay tuned for further updates on this highly anticipated lineup.

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