EK introduces Sleek ALL-Black EK-Quantum Surface Slim Radiators for Enhanced Cooling Performance

September 28, 2023 by our News Team

EK, a leading manufacturer of premium liquid-cooling gear, is introducing two new Black Edition EK-Quantum Surface radiators designed for the Slim series, featuring dual G1/4“ threaded connection ports, 16 copper tubes, and a sleek all-black design for optimal performance and a refined, minimalist look.

  • Thickness of only 30mm, ideal for cases with limited space
  • Dual G1/4“ threaded connection ports and 16 copper tubes
  • Sleek all-black design, perfect for a refined and minimalist look

EK, a leading manufacturer of premium liquid-cooling gear, is expanding its EK-Quantum Surface radiator portfolio with the introduction of two new Black Editions designed for the Slim series. These radiators have already gained recognition and accolades from respected review-based websites, solidifying their position as a important industry contender. The EK-Quantum Surface radiators are the result of meticulous development and market research, aiming to deliver a high-quality product with mechanical rigidity and top-tier performance.

The new Black Edition EK-Quantum Surface S radiators come in two sizes: 240mm and 360mm. With a thickness of only 30mm, these radiators are ideal for cases with limited space while still providing exceptional performance, especially at low and medium fan speeds.

Featuring dual G1/4“ threaded connection ports and 16 copper tubes, each measuring 2mm in width, the Black Edition Surface radiators ensure optimal coolant flow without placing stress on your cooling loop. Crafted from high-quality non-louvered copper fins with a density of 20 FPI, these radiators achieve an optimal balance between thermal transfer and air resistance, resulting in optimal performance even at low fan speeds.

The sleek all-black design of the radiator, including the frame, end caps, port adapters, fins, and screws, makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a refined and minimalist look without compromising performance. The blacked-out design seamlessly integrates with any PC build.

The EK Quantum Surface Black Edition radiator is designed with modding in mind, allowing for easy disassembly and modification, making it a dream option for DIY enthusiasts. Its smart design minimizes flow restrictions and strain on the cooling loop, enabling the integration of multiple radiators into a single cooling loop using a single pump.

The EK-Quantum Surface radiators are also EK-Matrix7 compatible, bringing standardization to the Liquid Cooling loop assembly and allowing for easy integration with other EK products. This compatibility enables users to easily swap and upgrade between different series of Surface radiators within the same case.

The EK-Quantum Surface Black Edition radiators are available for pre-order through the EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network, with shipping expected to start in early October 2023. The manufacturer-suggested retail prices (MSRP), including VAT, are 81.90€ for the S240 model and 97.90€ for the S360 model.

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