ASUS ROG Ally handheld, powered by Ryzen Z1 Extreme, outpaces Z1 non-Extreme in gaming by up to 37%!

September 30, 2023 by our News Team

ASUS' ROG Ally Z1 console with Ryzen Z1 non-Extreme silicon offers a solid gaming experience, with official benchmarks showing a 37% performance boost at 1080p resolution and a 30% increase at 720p resolution compared to the Extreme model.

  • ROG Ally Z1 console is priced $100/€100 lower than its Extreme counterpart
  • 2.8 TFLOPS of compute power, a 67% reduction compared to the Extreme model's 8.6 TFLOPS
  • Real gaming benchmarks show that the performance gap is narrower than expected

ASUS has released official benchmarks for its ROG Ally console featuring the Ryzen Z1 non-Extreme silicon. The Z1 variant, which was launched on September 10th, stands out from its Extreme counterpart due to its unique chip design. Unlike the scaled-down version of the larger silicon used in the Extreme model, the Z1 console is built around an entirely new chip with a different core layout. While both chips belong to the AMD Phoenix product family, they differ in their core configuration.

The Z1 chip utilizes 2 Zen4 and 6 Zen4c cores, while the Extreme chip boasts 8 Zen4 cores. However, the most significant difference lies in the GPU power. The Z1 console’s GPU features only one-third of the GPU cores found in the Ryzen Z1 Extreme silicon. Despite this disparity, the console is still capable of delivering a satisfactory gaming experience, particularly for games that do not heavily rely on GPU performance.

ASUS has provided official benchmarks comparing the performance of the ROG Ally Ryzen Z1 and Ryzen Z1 Extreme at both 1080p and 720p resolutions. The benchmarks demonstrate that while neither chip consistently delivers 120 FPS for the consoles’ 120Hz screens, there is still a notable improvement in performance compared to the non-Extreme model. At 1080p resolution, gamers can expect a 37% performance boost with selected titles, and a 30% increase at 720p resolution.

The ROG Ally Z1 console is priced $100/€100 lower than its Extreme counterpart. It offers 2.8 TFLOPS of compute power, which is a 67% reduction compared to the Extreme model’s 8.6 TFLOPS. However, the real gaming benchmarks show that the performance gap is narrower than expected. On average, the Extreme chip is 34% faster than the non-Extreme model.

In conclusion, the ROG Ally Z1 console with Ryzen Z1 non-Extreme silicon provides a solid gaming experience, especially for games that do not heavily rely on GPU performance. The official benchmarks highlight the performance improvements compared to the Extreme model, making it a compelling option for gamers.

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