Intel’s Arc “Battlemage” BMG-G10 GPU allegedly undergoing development in labs

August 29, 2023 by our News Team

Intel recently provided access to its secure labs, where they revealed the upcoming Intel BGM-G10 GPU, part of the next-gen Battlemage discrete processor lineup, expected to arrive in 2024 with double the core count of the ACM-G10 and a 256-bit memory bus.

  • Intel Tech Tour recently provided access to Intel's most secure labs
  • Intel BGM-G10 chip spotted in the Failure Analysis Lab
  • Leaked roadmaps dating back to Q3 2023 have mentioned Intel's BGM-G10

Intel Tech Tour recently provided access to Intel’s most secure labs, where they are currently working on next-gen client and enterprise products. One exciting discovery during the tour was Intel’s next-gen discrete GPU, known as the Intel BGM-G10.

HardwareLuxx, a participant in the Tech Tour, spotted an Intel BMG G10 chip in the Failure Analysis Lab. This confirms that the chip is part of the next-generation Battlemage discrete processor lineup. Unfortunately, no photos were allowed, so we have to rely on their word.

The Failure Analysis Lab also revealed a tray containing chips from the next Arc generation, specifically labeled as “BMG G10.” It’s worth noting that this GPU will succeed the Alchemist ACM-G10, but Intel’s naming scheme can be confusing, so it’s unclear if this is the top-tier SKU.

Leaked roadmaps dating back to Q3 2023 have mentioned Intel’s BGM-G10. The company’s plans include two GPUs: the G10 and G21, targeting power consumption of 225W and 150W TDPs respectively. The new GPU is expected to feature double the core count of the ACM-G10, boasting 64 Xe-Cores. Additionally, Intel is likely to maintain a 256-bit memory bus for the BCM-G10.

While Intel has not officially confirmed the exact release timing, the Intel Battlemage series is expected to debut in 2024. Rumors suggest it may arrive in the first half of the year.

Source: HardwareLuxx

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