Huawei’s OptiXstar F30 Products Secure 2023 iF and Red Dot Design Awards

August 23, 2023

Huawei’s OptiXstar F30 Products Secure 2023 iF and Red Dot Design Awards

Summary: Huawei's FTTR OptiXstar F30 has been honored with the iF and Red Dot Design Awards, recognizing its innovative design and performance that provides superior optical network experiences and all-optical connectivity.

  • Minimalist design
  • Advanced Wi-Fi algorithms
  • Seamless Wi-Fi roaming capabilities

Title: Huawei’s FTTR OptiXstar F30 Wins Coveted Design Awards


Huawei’s FTTR OptiXstar F30 products have recently been honored with the prestigious iF and Red Dot Design Awards, solidifying their reputation as industry-leading solutions. These products boast a range of innovative features, including a minimalist design, advanced Wi-Fi algorithms, ultra-low network latency, and seamless Wi-Fi roaming capabilities.

Huawei FTTR OptiXstar F30 Receives 2023 iF and Red Dot Design Awards:

Since its launch in 2020, Huawei’s FTTR for Home solution has been widely recognized by operators as the ultimate broadband networking solution. It consistently delivers stable and premium true-gigabit Wi-Fi networks to users. As of July 2023, over 90 provincial operators in China have adopted this solution, while more than 20 operators outside of China have partnered with Huawei for their home networking services. The latest addition to the FTTR product line, Huawei’s FTTR OptiXstar F30, introduces significant upgrades across six key dimensions:

1. Aesthetic Upgrade: The F30 features a sleek ceramic design available in four modern colors, seamlessly blending with any residence layout. It also incorporates built-in antennas and concealed heat dissipation holes.

2. Rate Upgrade: Leveraging innovative hardware and algorithms, the F30 delivers an impressive whole-house 2000 Mbps rate.

3. Coverage Upgrade: Equipped with multi-beam dual-polarized antennas and patented signal source positioning algorithms, the F30 ensures uninterrupted Wi-Fi coverage throughout the entire house, eliminating blind spots.

4. Roaming Upgrade: The F30’s unique imperceptible roaming technology reduces handover latency to less than 20 ms, enabling users to make video calls while moving around their homes.

5. Concurrency Upgrade: With its multi-AP collaborative concurrency assurance technology, the F30 minimizes Wi-Fi interference and guarantees bandwidth for up to 128 concurrent smart devices in the entire house.

6. Service Upgrade: Huawei offers comprehensive 5A service capabilities, including accurate planning, agile installation, all-in acceptance, active assurance, and attentive care. These services assist operators in building premium service capabilities throughout the planning, construction, acceptance, maintenance, and optimization phases.

Feng Zhishan, President of Huawei Optical Access Business Product Line, commented on the awards, stating, “Winning these prestigious design awards demonstrates the recognition of Huawei’s FTTR OptiXstar F30 products by industrial design experts for their exceptional design and performance. Huawei remains committed to investing in product design and performance innovations to provide home users and enterprise customers with superior optical network experiences and create seamless all-optical connectivity.”


Huawei’s FTTR OptiXstar F30 has been recognized with the esteemed iF and Red Dot Design Awards, highlighting its exceptional design and performance. With its advanced features and upgrades across various dimensions, this product continues to solidify Huawei’s position as a leader in the industry. By investing in design and performance innovations, Huawei aims to deliver superior optical network experiences to home users and enterprise customers while establishing ubiquitous all-optical connectivity.

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