CapFrameX introduces Intel’s PresentMon and GPU Busy metrics for enhanced performance analysis.

August 27, 2023 by our News Team

  • Seamless integration of Intel's upgraded edition of PresentMon software enhances CapFrameX's data collection and analysis capabilities.
  • New metric called GPU Busy (or GPU Active Time) helps identify whether game performance is limited by the CPU or GPU.
  • Riva Tuner Statistics Server (RTSS) allows users to view graphs and metrics within a game.

CapFrameX, a popular tool among graphics enthusiasts, gamers, and reviewers, wasted no time in integrating Intel’s upgraded edition of PresentMon software. This seamless integration enhances CapFrameX’s data collection and analysis capabilities, making it the preferred choice for reviewers seeking comprehensive data. The latest version of PresentMon, known as 1.9.0, introduces a new metric called GPU Busy (or GPU Active Time), which measures the time the GPU spends on rendering each frame. This metric helps identify whether game performance is limited by the CPU or GPU and assesses system balance through GPU Busy Deviation. CapFrameX also requires users to install Riva Tuner Statistics Server (RTSS) to view graphs and metrics within a game. The updated tool, now available for download as version 1.7.2 beta, marks a new chapter in GPU measurement.

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About Intel: Intel Corporation, a global technology leader, is for its semiconductor innovations that power computing and communication devices worldwide. As a pioneer in microprocessor technology, Intel has left an indelible mark on the evolution of computing with its processors that drive everything from PCs to data centers and beyond. With a history of advancements, Intel's relentless pursuit of innovation continues to shape the digital landscape, offering solutions that empower businesses and individuals to achieve new levels of productivity and connectivity.

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CPU: The Central Processing Unit (CPU) is the brain of a computer, responsible for executing instructions and performing calculations. It is the most important component of a computer system, as it is responsible for controlling all other components. CPUs are used in a wide range of applications, from desktop computers to mobile devices, gaming consoles, and even supercomputers. CPUs are used to process data, execute instructions, and control the flow of information within a computer system. They are also used to control the input and output of data, as well as to store and retrieve data from memory. CPUs are essential for the functioning of any computer system, and their applications in the computer industry are vast.

GPU: GPU stands for Graphics Processing Unit and is a specialized type of processor designed to handle graphics-intensive tasks. It is used in the computer industry to render images, videos, and 3D graphics. GPUs are used in gaming consoles, PCs, and mobile devices to provide a smooth and immersive gaming experience. They are also used in the medical field to create 3D models of organs and tissues, and in the automotive industry to create virtual prototypes of cars. GPUs are also used in the field of artificial intelligence to process large amounts of data and create complex models. GPUs are becoming increasingly important in the computer industry as they are able to process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.

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