Synology introduces the SA6400 for creating an exceptional private cloud solution for businesses with unmatched scalability.

January 17, 2023 by our News Team

Synology's new SA6400 storage system offers lightning-fast data transfer speeds, on-demand capacity expansion, and comprehensive data protection features, making it the perfect solution for managing large amounts of unstructured data.

  • Class-leading scalability and performance
  • Flexible file serving capabilities
  • Data protection features

Synology, a leading provider of storage solutions, has recently announced the availability of its new 12-bay SA6400 storage system. Designed to meet the needs of enterprises and large studios, the SA6400 offers lightning-fast data transfer speeds and on-demand capacity expansion.

The SA6400 is the perfect solution for managing the ever-increasing amounts of unstructured data that businesses face today. According to Julien Chen, product manager at Synology, “Its ability to quickly scale as data demands grow makes it suitable to serve as file or backup storage in agile and dynamic environments, getting businesses ready for future data growth.”

One of the standout features of the SA6400 is its class-leading scalability and performance. The storage capacity can be seamlessly expanded by adding up to eight RX1223RP expansion units, allowing for a total of 108 drive bays. This means that businesses can store over 1.9 petabytes of data on a single system, which is nine times the original capacity. With a throughput of over 6,500/4,000 MB/s sequential read/write, the SA6400 ensures smooth operations even in the most demanding scenarios.

To further enhance performance, businesses can upgrade the built-in 10GbE networking to 25 or even 40GbE. This allows for more streams and specialized applications to be accommodated, making the SA6400 a versatile solution for various industries such as enterprise data centers, large production studios, and retail or hospitality sectors.

The SA6400 also offers flexible file serving capabilities for growing teams. It supports comprehensive file and block protocols, enabling large-scale access to company resources over the local network or VPN. Access privileges can be easily managed through Active Directory/LDAP integration. Additionally, the Synology Drive file management and sharing solution allows organizations to create a private cloud for secure file access, editing, and sharing. Granular permission settings ensure maximum security and compliance.

Integration with the cloud is another key feature of the SA6400. Businesses can choose to use Synology’s own C2 Storage or third-party cloud service providers for efficient cross-site file synchronization. This is particularly useful for distributed teams or companies adopting hub-spoke organizational models.

Data protection is a top priority for businesses, especially with the continuous emergence of cybersecurity threats. Synology’s suite for endpoint protection, Active Backup Suite, enables safe backups of devices, VMs, and accounts onto the SA6400. It also includes data backup, snapshot, and replication automation services to protect shared folders and LUNs. The Synology High Availability (SHA) service ensures service availability by creating an active/passive cluster for automatic failover in case of unexpected downtime.

The SA6400 is not just a storage system; it also serves as a powerful and versatile business application platform. Synology DSM’s own download center, containers, and virtual machines offer cost-efficient solutions for various business needs. Built-in applications include a complete suite of file management and productivity tools for enhanced collaboration. The SA6400 also provides a private mail solution with 100% data ownership and a full-featured messaging platform for convenient and secure communications. Docker containers and VMs can be run on the SA6400 using Docker or Synology Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) for safe testing and evaluation of applications.

The SA6400 and RX1223RP expansion units are available starting today through Synology partners and resellers. For more information on performance figures and compatibility, businesses can refer to the performance charts and compatibility list provided by Synology.

In conclusion, the Synology SA6400 offers a versatile storage solution for enterprises and large studios. With its scalability, performance, flexible file serving capabilities, data protection features, and powerful business application platform, the SA6400 is well-equipped to meet the evolving needs of businesses in today’s data-driven world.

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