Synology Introduces C2 Backup for macOS and OneDrive, along with C2 Cloud Engage Event

July 4, 2022 by our News Team

C2 Backup enhances data protection with Microsoft OneDrive integration, allowing businesses to easily back up their crucial data, including employee accounts, Microsoft 365 Exchange mail data, and files in OneDrive, with scheduled daily backups and file-level restoration.

  • Integration with Microsoft OneDrive for Business
  • Scheduled daily backups and file-level restoration
  • Expanded support for Mac and Microsoft 365

C2 Backup Enhances Data Protection with Microsoft OneDrive Integration

C2 Backup, a leading provider of data backup solutions, has announced the addition of Microsoft OneDrive for Business integration to its platform. This new feature allows businesses using Microsoft 365 for cloud storage to easily back up their crucial data, including employee accounts, Microsoft 365 Exchange mail data, and files in OneDrive.

With scheduled daily backups and file-level restoration, C2 Backup for Microsoft 365 ensures that businesses can protect their data effectively. The solution utilizes incremental backup technology, which only uploads changed data blocks after the initial backup. This not only saves time but also reduces the storage capacity used.

In addition to the Microsoft OneDrive integration, C2 Backup now offers support for Mac and Microsoft 365 backup for all new and existing users. This expanded support allows businesses using different operating systems to benefit from C2 Backup’s comprehensive data protection capabilities.

The announcement comes as part of Synology’s ongoing efforts to provide businesses with robust and reliable data management solutions. Synology has also announced the upcoming Synology Cloud Engage 2022, a virtual user event scheduled for July 14th, 2022. The event will showcase the key features and solutions of Synology C2 cloud, covering personal data protection, endpoint and service protection, and data infrastructure.

The increasing interconnectivity in households has led to a growing need for data protection. As more devices are connected and more data is generated, it is crucial for households to prioritize personal data protection. Solutions like C2 Backup and password managers can help individuals safeguard their sensitive information and enjoy a seamless online experience.

For organizations, credential management and data loss prevention are major challenges. C2 Identity addresses these issues by offering centralized management of user credentials across different devices and cloud services. Meanwhile, C2 Backup for Business provides centralized backup solutions for Windows PC, servers, Mac devices, and Microsoft 365 Exchange mails and OneDrive.

To enhance external file sharing security, C2 Transfer offers end-to-end encryption and user identity authentication. This ensures that files are transferred securely, with features like expiring links, download limits, and watermarks for added content protection.

As data continues to grow exponentially, businesses need efficient and scalable storage solutions. C2 Storage’s Hybrid Share and C2 Object Storage help elevate IT infrastructure for data storage. Hybrid Share connects Synology C2 to on-premises NAS, providing a hybrid enterprise file syncing and sharing infrastructure. On the other hand, C2 Object Storage offers a simple and cost-effective solution for organizations that require storage back-end for externally generated data.

Synology C2 prioritizes data security, with server-side and client-side encryption using user-generated private keys. The company follows industry-leading procedures to ensure data durability and prevent unauthorized access. With data centers in the US, Germany, and Taiwan, users can choose their preferred location to meet compliance requirements.

To learn more about Synology C2’s features and services, businesses can participate in the Synology Cloud Engage 2022 event. The event offers multiple sessions and languages to cater to a global audience. Registration details can be found at [insert registration link].

Synology remains committed to simplifying IT administration and driving digital transformation for businesses worldwide. With its comprehensive range of solutions for data storage, backup, file collaboration, video management, and network infrastructure, Synology continues to innovate and adapt to evolving technologies.

For media inquiries about C2 Backup and other Synology C2 services, please reach out through the provided media contact form.

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