Introducing C2 Backup by Synology: A Windows Cloud Backup Solution

September 21, 2021 by our News Team

Synology Inc. has recently launched C2 Backup, a cloud application designed to provide efficient and powerful data protection for Windows devices, with end-to-end encryption, flexible scheduling, and fast and full restoration options.

  • Centralized protection of Windows devices without additional hardware
  • End-to-end AES-256 encryption for data security
  • Flexible scheduling options and efficient data transfer

Synology Inc. has recently launched its latest cloud application, C2 Backup, designed to provide efficient and powerful data protection for Windows devices. Whether located at home or spread across multiple offices, C2 Backup offers centralized protection without the need for additional hardware.

“With C2 Backup, we provide a fresh alternative for those who want centralized protection of their devices, wherever they are,” said Yen-ju Lin, Product Manager for C2 Backup at Synology Inc. The application is easy to set up and use, allowing users to start backing up their data immediately.

C2 Backup ensures complete and centralized data protection with two options: C2 Backup For Individuals and C2 Backup For Businesses. From a single console, users can securely and efficiently back up everything on their Windows PCs and servers, including system configurations, software, files and folders, and external drives.

To ensure data security, C2 Backup utilizes end-to-end AES-256 encryption, protecting backup files and sensitive information from unauthorized access. Users hold a private key necessary to unlock their data.

The application also offers flexible scheduling options. By utilizing forever-incremental backup, C2 Backup optimizes storage and bandwidth. Only blocks that have changed are uploaded during each backup, reducing the amount of data transferred and making backups more efficient. Users can also customize version retention preferences to meet their individual needs or comply with corporate policies and regulations.

C2 Backup provides fast and full restoration options in the event of device failure, data loss, or ransomware attacks. Users can quickly resume services with file-level recovery or restore entire devices to their previous state using bare-metal recovery.

“With C2 Backup, individual device owners can easily find and quickly download their backed-up data all by themselves by accessing the intuitive C2 Backup console,” explained Ms. Lin. The portal also allows users to retrieve older versions of their files when needed.

Pricing for C2 Backup For Individuals is based on storage usage, with no limit to the number of devices protected under each subscription. Annual subscription rates start at $3.49 per month for 500 GB of backed-up data or under $9.99 per month to protect up to 2 TB.

C2 Backup is the latest addition to the C2 family, joining C2 Transfer and C2 Password. C2 Password is a cloud-based secure credentials management solution that uses zero-knowledge encryption to ensure only authenticated users can access sensitive data. C2 Transfer, on the other hand, enables secure file transfers between businesses and external parties.

C2 Backup is available in two subscription plans: C2 Backup For Individuals and C2 Backup For Businesses. Users who register for C2 Backup For Individuals until the end of 2021 can enjoy an extended 90-day free trial period to test the platform’s capabilities.

For businesses interested in C2 Backup For Business, which includes the ability to back up data stored on Exchange Online, please contact Synology Inc. for more information.

C2 Transfer is available with the Pro plan subscription, offering standalone accounts for smaller teams and freelancers. Centrally managed plans for larger businesses will be available soon. Users can try the capabilities of C2 Transfer for free with an extended 90-day free trial until the end of 2021.

Additionally, a free plan for C2 Password is available, allowing users to get started by logging in with their Synology Account.

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